Monday, May 7, 2007

And So it Ends...

A couple of weeks back, I revealed that TomGirl finally admitted to having a boyfriend. I was even able to score a conversation with the dude and ask him if he'd put his grimy lips on my stepdaughter, I mean ever tried to kiss her.

Well as quickly as it began I'm sorry to say it ended. Last week TomGirl called to say she'd made honor roll (and this is B-I-G as she'd previously had a report card w/all but one F but I digress).

"Marc and I slow danced together at the school dance" she said after we'd whooped it up about her academic success.

"Aww, I said "Did you have a good time?"

"No, it was only,like, for 2 minutes" she said "and then it was just weird".

"Oh, did he get a boner mid dance which grossed you out and forced you to end the dance?"

I'm kidding. I would never say that to my 14 year old but I sure was thinking it.

She never would elaborate on why it was weird but Friday night when she came over one of the first things she said is "Marc told me not to like him anymore"

"Huh, " I said. "What's that supposed to mean ? " realizing that was his 15 year old way of breaking up.

"I dunno" she says "He's just being weird, he kinda says he doesn't like me anymore".

"Are you ok ?" I asked emphathetically

"Yeah, I don't care" she deadpanned

"Ok, well I'm sorry that happened"

With that she headed towards her room but seconds later she comes back and says "You know what you should do, you should call him and yell at him"

Ha, I knew it, of course she cares. She really kind of fell for this kid.

Ahhh, first loves.

Of course , if memory serves and middle school drama is like it was when I was there they'll be back together this week.

Well, either that or he'll be dating her best friend.


Lene said...

Awww first love Slow dancing at that exciting.

Amen to the middle school drama! Always something going on lol

Brillig said...

Ahhhh, poor thing. Of course she's sad! Boys are stupid. Sigh. It's kinda cute, though, huh! And I love the conclusion that your mind jumped to when she said that the dance was weird. hahahahahaha.

Sugar Kane said...

Stupid boys!

I do NOT look forward to this sorta thing.

Butrfly4404 said...

I try to instill in my little sister's (13) brain that MS and HS are MEANT for breaking up. Those are the years for meeting people and finding out what kind of people you are compatible with. I wish someone had told me that instead of letting me sob over EVERY. Single. Stupid guy. Even if I broke up with them! I thought it was the end of the world and I'd "never love again."

Anyone else remember Nada Surf's Popular (The Teenage Guide to Popularity) - with the "two-week rule?" I gave her that song two years ago and said "As funny as it is, it's got a point!"

Anonymous said...

As fast as it begins huh?...poor kid. She'll bounce back...We all do.

you da mom! said...

i remember those awkward school dances. the guys would clumsily put their hands on your hips and just stand there like a stiff board! i hated it!