Monday, July 30, 2012

Who knew a pig and I would have so much in common

I probably should rethink that title because surely I've opened myself up for all sorts of overeating and weight jokes.  But when you don't post for more than 5 months and you come up with something kinda catchy you stick with it out of fear that if you have to come up with something else "catchy" you won't post for another 5 months.

 Aaanyway, all kidding aside I just had to write about this great thing I did. Great in that I pushed the envelope and forced myself to participate in my first (and maybe last) 5K.  But this was no ordinary 5K. This was the WARRIOR DASH.  I needed to prove to myself that although I still haven't met my fitness goals, I had been working out hard and I could do this.

I roped in a few gal pals via cattle call on Facebook then registered well in advance so as to give myself plenty of time to  freak the eff out  prepare .

I was energized , yet petrified.  What if I couldn't run it all?  What if I couldn't make it over the wall?  What if I broke something?  All these things raced through my mind prior to competing.  But when it came down to it,  I made it over not one but two walls, I jumped over hurdles and dove under barbed wire, I lept over fire and ended up in mud. Lots and lots of mud.  It was exhilarating in so many ways. Something I never thought I'd say.  I'm not even a fan of mud but I jumped in with reckless abandon and made that mud my bitch (well it may have made me it's bitch but whatever).  And guess what?  I loved that mud. Something about jumping in was freeing and ridiculous and amazing all at the same time.

This was AFTER being hosed off (note the after race celebratory beer clutched in my dirty hand)

I wore that mud like a badge of honor.  Because it was my mud. And I'd done it. I guess I kinda think I'm unstoppable now. Bucket list item number 576. Check.

So tell me. What have you recently crossed off your bucket list ?