Friday, May 18, 2007

What is wrong with People ?

The twins really like elevators, they like to push the button to call the elevator, they like pushing the button for our particular floor and they love the ride.

We've been doing a lot of elevator riding lately because of this and it's been the perfect opportunity to continue to teach them about manners and what proper protocol is when riding an elevator. I've been teaching them the importance of waiting until all of the passengers step off the elevator before we step on.
It's been a slight challenge for them because they are 4 and they are so eager to ride in the elevator. They learn quickly though.
Unlike some people.
Today while at the doctors office with my mom we had approached our floor and were ready to get off of the elevator. My mom and I each grabbed a child's hand and let them know we'd reached our floor.
The doors opened and as we attempted to step off we were ambushed by a lady who was more than old enough to know better.
She literally bumped in to us and failed to say "Excuse me" or "sorry" or even "Oops"
My mom, never one to bite her tongue, said to me rather loudly " Wow, some people can really be rude".

"Yes, I noticed" I said

The woman was oblivious.

It floors me sometimes that people can be such asses and fail to realize it. I'm not perfect but when I've done something particularly ass-like I am usually quick to recognize and apologize and I would certainly hope I wouldn't bump in to two children because I feel like whatever I'm doing is so important that decency and common courtesy fly out the window.

I guess Ms. Rude be-atch's parent's must have missed that section in the parenting handbook( You know the one that states its your responsibility to make sure your children are raised to be polite and well mannered).

Alright fine, two can play at that game.

Since Ms. RB has no idea what good manners are, I guess there shouldn't be any problem with my tripping her rude ass next time.


Domestically Disabled Girl said...

i totally know where you are coming from here. i am constantly astounded by the rude behavior of others. it makes it difficult to teach my children manners when so many others are setting a bad example.

i don't blame your mom for being loud about it. sometimes i wish i had more courage to speak up when people are being pigs.

Anonymous said...

Good manners are hard to find. I'm amazed as well.

Shauna said...

I totally agree. Good manners has gone out of style and it drives me nuts. How can you teach your children to behave 'like adults' when adults don't even behave 'like adults'!

Lene said...

It really bothers me when people act so poorly around kids. It shocks me too when I see kids that act out or disrespectfully and parents are totally oblivious.
I do have a monster for a child, but I would never slack off in his behavior.

Brillig said...

My mama taught used to say to me, "there are two kinds of people." She would say it when someone wouldn't hold the door for us when we were right behind them, or when someone would cut you off, or drive through the crosswalk that you walking through, or whatever. Her point was that there are two kinds of people: people who are considerate, courteous, and aware of those around them and then people who are rude, abrupt, and self-absorbed.

Really, evey DAY we have to decide which one of the two kinds of people we want to be. But people who consistently find themselves in the rude category when it comes to simple things like elevator courtesy are most likely that way in other aspects of their lives. The lesson is a lot bigger than elevators.

(I hope I can do as good of a job as you are in teaching my kids this stuff! Well done!!!)

Cherann said...

You know what would be totally weird? Is if RB was one of your readers...and she mended her rude ways all because she read your blog.

Just a random thought.

whiskeymarie said...

The sad part is, if you're clueless enough to be that rude, you're too clueless to UNDERSTAND what an ass you are.
Therefore, I believe in telling these people how unacceptable their actions are whenever the chance arises.
I'm waiting for the day someone punches me for it.
That, my dear, would be very rude.
Very rude, indeed.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

Sometimes I am truly amazed at how rude people can be!

Of course....we shouldn't lower ourselves to their level.....but it certainly would be fun! :)

Sugar Kane said...

Whiskeymarie is totally right. Too bad you couldn't shut the doors on her.