Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My blogging obsession turned in to a (mostly) Love (sometimes) Hate Relationship with Facebook

I'm not even sure anyone is out there. I'd understand if you're not. It's certainly been a bit since I've written anything in this space.

I think about it regularly and draft posts in my head often but then never actually make it back here.

 But remembering something I read a few weeks back on the addiction I call Facebook, I knew I needed to try and get back here.  A friend posted that her blog had actually been deleted by Blogger. She said that it had been several years since she'd posted and she was fine with it.   But I was devastated for her. I'd hate to lose all the things I've written. Not that any of these posts are literary gold or anything but as I age I often forget these little nuggets. And I love that I can come back here, remind myself and relive those moments.

Speaking of aging! I now have "tweens" Twin 11 year olds who have given me so much to write about that it's not even funny. I've even surprised myself by not capturing some of it here

But let me get to the point

Facebook!  Much of it goes there.  It's such an easy and instantly gratifying site to use for those of us that need or like that kind of thing.

I remember the days when all I wanted to do was find the time during my work day to write a post and then find more time so I could read everyone else's posts. Not so much anymore.  Now, I  read one or two blogs and even then it's usually when I'm following a link I found on FB.

It's weird though. For as much as I enjoy the old FB, I am also incredibly annoyed by it.  Because? News Feed. Everything is everywhere and every freakin opinion and meal and dump taken is there in my news feed. Sometimes it's just too much. And on days when I see ridiculous memes and declarations from family members who I have diametrically opposing views.  I just can't.  

So there it is. I love it as a mechanism to catch up, check out what my friends and family have been up to , learn about new fascinating books to read, or places to go or whathaveyou.  And there I've been "microblogging" the work drama, the kid stories, the day to day stuff.  And that's likely why I haven't been here.

 But perhaps in tiring of it, i'm led back here.  And I will try and come back another day and then maybe another and another until...who knows ? I may be able to call myself a blogger again!

Now let me end this crazy rambling (clearly I haven't quite gotten my groove back) with this gem from my son's homework assignment a few days ago. He knew the struggle was real!