Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Girl Meets Boy

Because I briefly mentioned TomGirl and her boyfriend yesterday, I feel I must tell you how it all went down - you know how I found out the dirt on the bf.

I knew it was bound to happen. She'd already began to physically mature and as I began to hear the signs - referring to every young male celebrity as "hot" over the last several months - I knew it wouldn't be long before she'd find someone a little bit more local to crush on or worse yet get in to a relationship with.

So each weekend when I'd see her I'd ask the question. "So do you have a boyfriend yet?" to which she'd always reply "No" or "Whatever".

After getting the same response time after time I had to get a little more clever in how I asked the question. Like, "So what's your boyfriend up to this weekend?"

Now I know my stepdaughter's not stupid and clearly rephrasing the question won't all of the sudden confuse her so much that she'd spill the beans on whether or not she actually had a boyfriend. But I figured by changing it up a bit - the question might be unexpected and thus catch her off guard.

And as luck would have it - this weekend it did.

"Where did you get that?" I asked when I spied a bracelet sticking out from under her John Cena sweatbands .

"I don't know where I got this"

"Did your boyfriend get it for you?"

"Whatever" she began to say but then she turned her head and laughed and I knew it.

"I knew it," I said "Spill it, who is he , how old is he, who does he hang out with ".... the questions just flew.

Suprisingly she answered every question and after I got the important questions answered like "Is he cute?" I asked it. You know, the question.

"So have you guys kissed ?"

"Eww " she said

Now I was the one saying "Whatever". I mean really, I wasn't 14 all that long ago.

After going through a bit of back and forth "You two have kissed I know it"

"No we haven't"

"Yes you have" (hey, what can I say I'm just mature like that).

She finally says "If you don't believe me you can call him and ask him"

"Ok" I said in my best dont-dare-me voice "What's his number ?"

She rattles off the number and I head towards the phone trying to scare her into thinking I was going to call him. Really I had no intention of doing it.

"I'll do it", GPT who had recently entered the room stood up and said.

Next thing I know GPT was calling him.

TomGirl snatches the phone and after a brief "Hey, whats up" she says "Tell my mom we haven't kissed" and hands the phone to me.

"Who's this ?" I say pretending to be the mean step-mom.

BF tells me his name.

"Are you treating my step-daughter well?" I ask and in all his teenage boy wisdom he says "I guess so"

(I guess so...uhh, great pick TomGirl)

" Um,she wants me to tell you I haven't tried to kiss her" he says.

" Right, she wants you to tell me that, but is that the truth?" I ask

Before he could answer, I said "Nevermind, I'm just messing with her - but you better not have kissed her" and quickly hand the phone back to TomGirl.

I stopped him before he could respond because really, what the hell was I going to do with that information once I had it. After trying to get the goods for so long, I kind of realized I didn't really want them. I secretly wanted to believe my 14 year old stepdaughter was that same little girl who wanted to run around and fix cars with her dad and didn't have another care in the world - let alone have a boyfriend whom she might actually kiss one day .

TomGirl ended the phone call with the BF and immediately flipped out "OMG, OMG, I can't believe we just did that".

I'm laughing and high fiving GPT because seriously GPT could get away with calling the BF because she was the "pesky" younger sister. I on the other hand might have gone on information lockout if I would have wrecked this one chance at handling the information TomGirl choose to share with me by calling and embarassing her in front of her BF.

The next day TomGirl texts me from school and says things were fine and that BF wasn't bugged by the call.

"Cool, now you can go back to hanging out and smooching" I say just to tease her when I call her back (because what fun is being a parent if you can't tease your kid).

"Gross, why do you keep saying that ? I told you we haven't kissed and I don't want to kiss anybody"

"Then what do you do ?"

"Usually go outside and play basketball"

Aww good old TomGirl- there's the girl I know and love.

All is right with the world once again.


Butrfly4404 said...

Haha...tell her you get mono from kissing! ahahhaha.

That's so cute. I remember my first bf in HS. We didn't ever TALK to each other. We wrote notes to each other and then he'd call me from home after school. And just sit there on the phone with nothing to say. One day I was like "What are you doing?" "Watching Power Rangers."

OOOoookay. Time for my friend to break up with him for me! haha (I've ALWAYS been mature!).

Worker Mommy said...

Good idea, thanks butrfly!

Funny enough TomGirl told me that she once talked to BF for 4 hours. I was floored until she told me that the conversation consisted of them both commenting on the television program they were watching.
Ha, maybe you and the BF could have had stimulating conversation about the Power Rangers.