Friday, December 28, 2007


On this day I remember and celebrate you - your brilliance, your wisdom, your charm, your love.

On this day you would have been 62.

As I type these words I am shaking my head incredulously…still after so many years. Because you should be here. We should be celebrating 62 years of an incredible life while smiling at thoughts of what the future might hold.

I miss you more than words can say.

Happy Birthday, Daddy

I love you.

P.S - in case you’re wondering,I think it’s ok to hang from chandeliers in heaven.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

It Takes a True Friend to tell you that you suck!

Thanks Dooz, for holding that mirror in front of my face. Yes, I know,I know I haven't been around much lately and truth is I may not be around much for the next week or so. In addition to holiday madness, I've got a friend in the middle of a divorce and work ...well what can I say there are many end of the year loose ends that need to be tied in a neat little bow.

Never fear,though, I will return soon with stories of menage a trois (or being propositioned for one anyway),penis pumps and sipping, spa'ing and the point where I was feeling it for 2 days.

Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes. It makes a gal feel like you might kind of like her a little or something.

Ta for now,


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

You Say it's your Birthday...It's my Birthday too

In the words of one 50 Cent
Go, go, go shawty
It's your birthday
We gon' party like it's yo birthday

Is there any more that needs to be said ? Today, 12/12 yours truly was thrust from the loins of one Supermom.
Uh wow did I say that out loud - that was graphic and not really the direction I wanted to take this post but the point is

How am I celebrating the big day you might ask ? W-O-R-K

I know, I know sad but true, but the Worker Twin arrives in Seattle tomorrow afternoon then I'm off Friday and she and I are throwing a Sip, Spa and Celebrate party so really I promise you I'm not that pathetic.

And now a little linky love:

I have to give a shout out to my girl Lollie for being the first to bestow bloggy birthday wishes on me. I lurves me some Lollie. Thanks lady, for the b'day wishes.

And on another serious note I'd like to point you in the direction of a fellow Seattle Blog Mom. Kathryn has graciously and selflessly been giving of herself to help those who were affected by the recent flooding here in WA. My heart goes out to all those who were victims of such unfortunate and tragic circumstances. Please, if you are so inclined, check out her post (which includes some heartwrenching photos) and while I normally would never ask readers to donate, if you feel inspired please consider donating to the Red Cross to aid those in need.

That said, Happy Birthday to me and all that jazz and if any lurkers would like to give me a present I'd love it if you'd comment. I'm always so curious about who you are.

Ta for now and Smooches,

The newly 35 year old WM

Monday, December 10, 2007

Life Lessons Learned this weekend

DO not, I repeat DO not allow yourself to drink a whole bottle of wine on Friday night (what can I say I was relaxing with hubs and next thing I knew the bottle was empty)

Do not go to the meat section of the International Market the following day (that way you can avoid nearly vomiting in the store at the sight of a larger than life Squid, and some kind of meat which can only be described as the asshole of some animal)

Do not go with hubby and his friend to pick up mattress because you will wind up standing on the shoulder of one of the busiest sections of I-5 while hubby and friend check to make sure said mattress is still securely fastened to the top of the vehicle

Do not go with hubby and his friends to pick up mattress because not only will you wind up standing on I-5 you will then get back in the vehicle and be subjected to riding home in a cloud of smoke because even though you asked them not to smoke with you in the car the stress from thinking the mattress was falling off the truck made them “need” a cigarette and sadly the spot you selected in the truck was right in between them

Do not let hubby’s friends stay at your house after picking up mattress. Normally, you don’t mind them but in this case you are hung-over and you didn’t really need them hanging out all night - especially when all you want to do is fall on to your new comfy king sized pillowtop mattress and begin a deep slumber

DO recover nicely after Saturday and go get a Christmas tree with your kids.

Do laugh with your youngest stepdaughter,GT about the fact that she thinks the guy helping with the tree is hawt

Do joke with her good naturedly about how she should go give him the tip and maybe slip him her phone number at the same time and then watch her turn red as you suggest this

Do have each family member pick out their own special ornament that they like or feel represents them (mine just happened to be a cocktail with a smiley face- go figure)

Do decorate the tree and put up Christmas lights together while drinking hot chocolate and listening to the radio station that only plays Christmas music this time of year because your family truly rocks and its moments like this that you live for

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Oh, if only the boy in clogs would quit touching me

First off, no boy nor man should ever wear clogs. Ever. I don't care if he has the worst foot pain ever. And believe me I know about foot pain.

Yesterday Clog Boy (who is really a grown man in his 20's but the name stuck as soon as I spied those things on his feet) did it again. In the elevator. He and a fellow co-worker were in there as I stepped on. We all shared a laugh about something silly and as I exited the elevator he did it. A brief touch on my back. This was the second time.

I don't honestly believe Clog Boy's pats on the back are intentionally done to be skeevy. I just think he thinks we're on friendlier terms then we are and in his mind it's just a good natured, "take it easy" kind of touch.

But right, hi, HR personnel here. You might want to re-think the touching of the folks that are charged with maintaining a workplace free of harassment.

I chalk it up to his complete and utter dumb assedness.

Seriously what else could it be... obviously if the boy wears clogs then his judgment is clouded anyway.

Now, to those I owe memes I shall get to them soon (or not) just don't rush me. I beg of you, please because this fending off of clog wearing beasts is hard work,yo.

Until next time

Smoochie Smooches

Monday, December 3, 2007

I got your Drama Queen

As part of my children’s co-op preschool program I’m required to attend monthly parent education meetings. Despite the fact that these meetings cut in to my after work relaxation time I generally enjoy them. Snacks, chitchatting with other parents, talking through our different parenting issues and walking away with new and creative ways to tackle them in the end is usually time well spent.

At the meeting a few nights ago each parent was supposed to bring a "hot topic" to the table for discussion. As topics were broached that I felt I had something valuable to contribute I did. Yet I still hadn’t thought of my own hot topic.
I just kept drawing a blank.

Then it came to me, my daughter J and her flare for the dramatic.

“Ma- ahm” she said to me the other day as if it were a two syllable word “you just can’t say that to me” when I scolded her for playing with my laptop and then burst in to tears or “Ma-ahm I just can’t wear socks today ” she’d say in a voice that clearly meant that life as we know it will never be the same if you don’t let me do as I would like. Or “Ma-ahm I’ve just got to sleep in my cheerleading uniform” she’d plead and gesture to it animatedly appearing more like one of my older girls then a 4 year old .

When it came time for the others to offer suggestions another mom that had offered many useful suggestions to others that evening raised her hand. As I made eye contact to let her know I was eagerly awaiting her response she began "Is it possible she gets it from you. I mean I’m not saying it well …and I don’t mean it offensively but just watching your mannerisms you talk with your hands and well I mean you are kind of animated.”

Resisting the urge to deliver a swift karate kick to her neck, I thought about it for a moment. The room was silent as the other moms waited to see how I’d react.

And before I knew it I began to laugh because J is mostly likely mimicking behavior she’d seen from me.

When the other moms realized I wasn’t going to choke her with my bare hands they too began to laugh and after the laughter subsided, someone suggested getting J involved in theater or some type of class where she might be able to have fun with her newfound “talent”.

To which I thought - that could be a great idea.

And as the others made suggestions I didn’t hear I realized I’d gotten lost in the thought of my daughter turning an annoying stage into an amazing moneymaking talent.

Advance several years:

Off in the distance a voice speaks: And the winner for outstanding performance in a dramatic film …

J for her performance in Memoirs of a Childhood Drama Queen

As they announce my daughters name she will take the stage to a standing ovation.

The camera will then pan to an immaculately dressed, diamond draped, sophisticated middle aged woman clad in the hottest size 2 Praza gown tearing up.

"I have to first thank my mom" she’ll say "for recognizing and nurturing my talent early on."

The middle aged, hot-bodied, Prada clad me will beam with pride as she goes on to talk about how "we did it".

Aah... I can see it now.

I will have taken early retirement to a mansion in LA somewhere because my little drama queen parlayed her preschooler dramatics into a career earning 30 million per picture.

Don’t hate…

My name is WM and I’m a drama queen producing a mini me and damn proud of it