Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to me...a little late

I remembered this weekend that I forgot to post about my upcoming birthday. Being the attention whore that I am I'm typically right on it - even posting weeks before to ensure I get a little extra birthday love.

But this year that changed. The hubby took me out for a fantastic dinner and then for some booty shakin and a little gambling but prior to that I wasn't all spastically making plans and shouting from rooftops "GET ME, BUY ME...I REALLY NEED. I WANNA GO HERE, WE GOTTA HAVE A BIG PARTY ..."

In fact on my actual birthday I spent much of the day recovering relaxing and twas a beautiful thing.

Could it be, that I'm just getting old ?

Lawd help me say it ain't so.

Anyhoo, happy birthday to me one day late. I'm officially 38.