Thursday, May 17, 2007

I Need a Magic Pill

Where has the time gone ? May is nearly over and then June will fly by equally as quickly and then its family reunion time.

The July 15th weekend I'll be hanging out with the in-laws on the beautiful Oregon Coast and I'm still resembling pregnant Worker Mommy. I'm still hanging on to that nagging 15lbs. What to do! ? My in laws are really great and they would never say a thing but I'll know what I really look like.
Hell, it'll be the middle of the summer and difficult to hide cottage cheese thighs and turkey flap arms while wearing a tank top and shorts.

I had such the plan, I'd start in January and began my slimming. It would be casual and I'd do it over the course of several months then I'd just be naturally fab for the unveiling reunion.

Sadly the slimming has turned in to a thickening as stress has gotten the better of me.

Curses ! I've been successful at losing weight before, what is wrong with me now ?

Oh, I forgot, I'm older and lazier... yes,thats probably it.

So if I'm honest with myself I need to realize I am not getting younger and unfortunately not getting much more energetic in the near future so I can only wish seriously and desperately wish for that magic pill!

Oh, what I wouldn't do to take that pill and instantly be transformed into the Worker Mommy of yesteryear

(pic circa Sept 2002).

Huh, not realistic is it... I guess I'll either have to get seriously motivated or be satisfied with the Worker Mommy of today:

Ok, well technically that's not me...but it does bear an uncanny resemblance


Anonymous said...

Well, I can't really compare the faces in those two photos...but I'm pretty sure the second one is far from what you look like now!!!! ;)

Worker Mommy said...

OMG, LMAO at that comment!

I know - I totally cropped my head out of the picture. I have this paranoia that I'll get tied to my blog by someone at work and then I'll get fired because a) I've posted about having "mental health days" and b) if you look at most of the times i've posted its clearly during work hours :)

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

if you find a magic pill, i'd like it too, please. i absolutely cannot get rid of those last, stubborn 5-10 pounds.

that's aging my dear...does a number on our metabolism which requires us to be LESS lazy, which rarely happens, i think, as we get older...

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

oh...and LOL on the cropping off your head! i used to be really paranoid about posting pictures too...not sure why i became so brave.. i suppose i'll regret it, one day.

Queen Heather said...

Older and lazier...that's my problem too.

Butrfly4404 said...

Do you have an IT department at work? Because I'd hate to scare you, but they may already know.

I joke in my emails to friends that "Only you, me and the IT department know this, but..."

That's a cute top!

I've been very upset lately about not losing weight. I started in January and wanted to lose the last 20 pounds by June (or at least be well on my way). NOT. Even. close. Like, never budged close.

But then, I tell myself "If you really wanted to do it, you would." Becuase it's damn true. I really wanted to last year and lost 30/50. I really wanted to quit biting my nails six years ago and just did it. I think I just don't want it bad enough to do the work. That's depressing.

Shauna said...

hahaha! Love the Jabba pic. And sign me up for that magic pill when you find it!!

Brillig said...

WHAT??? I thought that having babies (especially TWINS) meant that I didn't have to worry about being fat!!!!

Dang it. I guess I need a pill too...

Brillig said...

I mean, twins for you.


That last comment didn't make any sense at all.

I didn't have twins. You had twins.

I made it look like I was saying that I had twins. No twins here. Here are no twins.

Here is mommy brain. I have. Tired. Brillig needs chocolate. And sleep. Sleep and chocolate. Perhaps a mental health day? And then she ended the comment before it went on and on and on...

(Just imagine how bad it would be if I HAD had twins! I have no idea how you do it...)

Lene said...

You posted a picture of me on your blog? Not you in 2002, but the other? So uncool! ;)

It is very hard to lose the last bit of that baby weight. You do have some time to make a little progress. Go mama go!

Oh how was yesterday's appt?

Worker Mommy said...

Butrfly- you're absolutely right I'm sure IT does know so far they've been keeping it to themselves though :0 I know I'm being totally stupid. One day I'll put my face on this blog. If only I could take a good pic. I think the real truth is that I don't like pictures of myself. There I said it!
Thanks about the top, funny thing is i'm looking at the pic. now and realizing it kinda made me look pregnant but this picture was actually taken just before.
We can motivate one another on the weight loss thing maybe :0

Brillig - yeah I figured I could get away with the extra weight by saying "leave me alone I had twins" but now 4 years later I'm thinking maybe that doesn't fly :)

Lene- You are so funny. The doctors appt went much better than I thought- I did a little update in the comments. Thanks for asking.

Domestically Disabled Queen heather & Shauna - I'll definitely let you know when I find that pill ...for a price. Only kidding. I'll absolutely share it with all my "friends". Oh and aging can really suck sometimes can't it. I remember the days of doing nothing and still staying a size that was a seriously long time ago.