Friday, February 15, 2008

What if women uttered cheesy pick up lines

To add a little levity to my crazy Friday, my sister forwarded a link to this site . Each time I read one of these incredibly cheesy lines I couldn't help but think who on earth thinks these up? Better yet, who actually uses them. Only the desperatest(and yes I know desperatest is not a word...what of it) of desperate males would use the line "Is your Daddy a pirate ?" "No , you could have fooled me with a booty like that"

I doubt even on my worst day I'd ever, ever, utter something so lame . I'd like to think I had more game back in my day.

But, as I began to think about it more I thought perhaps there are some women in need of a little help in the "getting a guy department". So because I'm all about helping a sista out, I have reached in to the depths of that part of my brain -the part that usually only comes out with too much liquor- and I give you these: my contributions to the pick up line arena (uttered by women to men)

"Was your Daddy a sculptor ?" "No, could have fooled me with that incredibly chiseled jaw line ?"

"Do you work with wood?" "No, can I work with yours ?"

Now then go forth in to your weekend and slip one of these little jewels in to your bar conversation (or let your single gal pal do it for you) and let me know how you fare.

Nope no thanks needed. I'm here to help.

Oh, and by all means if you've got an original pick up line to add, please feel free to add it in the comments. Our single sisters will thank you for it.




Maureen said...

Oh my.... I wish I could even remember pick up lines from when I was single... but that was back in the 70's and I doubt anyone nowadays would get anywhere with a line that included the word "groovy"....

you da mom! said...

that's an awesome site! thanks. i'm always looking for cheesy pick up lines to throw at my hubby. :)

Anonymous said...

thats damn funny stuff! I would totally say one of those lines just for fun...hey, what are the chances of you venturing down your freeway a bit in a week? I am intent on visiting groovy mom and hanging out with her for karaoke one night

Mommy said...

Is this cheesy? "You're cute, what is your name?"

Nan said...

I once said, "wow, you are going to need help getting out of THOSE jeans, aren't you?" which could have been a pickup line, if you are interested in guys in really tight jeans!

~JJ! said...

Cheesy indeed.

Do you have any Irish in you?
Would you like some?


Mishel said...

The BEST pickup line I heard, and repeated:), was:

What humps* like a tiger and winks?

(At this point you proceed to wink)

*Feel free to change this word to a different word or the dirty version of this word.

If nothing else you get laughs:)

Jerseygirl89 said...

My husband SWEARS that he used Mishel's line successfully . . .more than once. This was before he met me, of course, and had to up his game. Another cheesy line used on me (not by Hubby) was: (guy licks his finger then touches my shirt), "Would you like to get out of those wet clothes?" I suppose that could work on a guy too.

Butrfly Garden said...

I haven't laid a pick up line on Mike in a while. I bet he'd appreciate that. I think we'll go with your #2 today and Mishel's tomorrow. :D I'll have to find a REALLY good one for Thursday 'cuz that's his birfday.

Oh, The Joys said...

I always liked, "Do you have fries to go with that shake?"

Whiskeymarie said...

"Come home with me. NOW" was always pure dating gold for me.

Anonymous said...

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