Sunday, December 27, 2009

I shall call this :my 6 year old will whoop your ass or 47 seconds of terror

"Santa" bestowed the gift of Wii and Wii Fit upon our home this year.

Word to yo'mutha Nintendo, because seriously I don't know how Wii existed before it. You've brought out the hidden talents in all us all.

Particularly my 6 year old daughter,J

Look at those moves. Those little feet get going. That ponytail gets to bobbing and it's on.

All I'm saying is Laila Ali, watch out.

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Gift

Written as part of Mrs.Flingers {W}rite of Passage Challenge #3 :Write about the Christmas gift you remember the most.

1999 had been an incredibly hard year. I'd lost my Dad suddenly and unexpectedly in July and I wasn't sure how I'd handle that first holiday season without him.

My then boyfriend had been an amazing support. It was he who picked me up from work, after I'd gotten the call that my Dad passed away. It was he who laid next to me on the bed and rubbed my back as I cried and cried. It was he that asked me what I needed and let me grieve whatever way I needed to. I knew then that he was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

One December evening, I came home after a particularly exhausting day to see him lying on the couch watching tv with a new blanket.

"Is that new ?" I asked even though I knew it was. When he confirmed, as irritational as it sounds, I became irritated.

He knows what I'm going through, I thought, and he has the nerve to go out and get a blanket just big enough for himself that at that moment looked like the softest,warmest,wrap-you-up-and-take-all-your-cares-away blanket.

I sulked away in a huff.

A week later,on Christmas day one present in particular caught my eye. It was puffy and squarish and looked much like a small blanket might look wrapped. I smiled quietly to myself. It was the first one he wanted me to open. I looked at him with a knowing glance. He looked oddly excited and nervous as I ripped at the paper.
Upon freeing the blanket from the wrapping paper I reached to give him a hug and thank him.

"Open it up" he said

"I did and I love it"

"No, the blanket, open it up"

So I slowly unzipped the plastic packaging and unfolded the blanket. A card fell out. My fingers touched something small and round inside the envelope.

Nervously, I lifted the flap and pulled out the card.

I read about our life together , how much we'd been through, how much I meant to him and how much he loved me.

And taped to the back of the card, was a ring. A beautiful engagement ring and the words "Will you Marry Me?"

Happy Holiday's y'all, I hope they're filled with lots of love and happiness!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Oh the Shame...

So now that I'm mostly recovered, suffice it to say I think in Vegas I drank more than I ever really should have been allowed.

I'll spare you most of the gory details and instead just give you the highlights:

  • Arrived in Vegas Friday afternoon. Ate at Margaritaville. Took awesome picture with hubby and parrots (if you're my friend on FB you can see it there). Asked if I could slide into the large life sized margarita. Was told if I was faster than security I might be able to do it. I decided not to chance it.

  • Later we met up at PH with a large group of the most fabulous bloggers ever (whom I'd like to link to, but good god I'm lazy) and I proceeded to drink more than I ever really should have. Pictures were taken. None of which can be shown. We then took the party to the redonkulously awesome penthouse suite where the lovely Queen of Spain , who coordinated this whole dang thing in celebration of her own birthday,was staying. I proceeded to drink more , say ridiculous things and then suggested we all go dancing. We got a personal escort in to the posh club where at some point I fell. Yes I know I'm awesome. I don't even know what time that night ended.

  • The next morning was hell but I rallied. The hubby and I gambled a little, shopped a little, ate a little, saw the sights and finally when I could take no more we headed back to our room for a nap.

  • Post nap we headed out to gamble a little more then to the actual birthday bash. Lets see there was, drinking, more drinking, dancing on tables, lots and lots of cleavage/boobies and lord knows what else. I also do not know what time that night ended.

  • Sunday we were up $60 on penny slots and feeling high on life. A little roulette a little lunch and then it was off to the airport...where our flight was delayed. Which is really the suck when you're hungover, missing your kids and just want to be home.

  • Finally made it home at around 11:00 p.m. and crashed hard.

    It was hell on my liver. Hell on my pride.

    But dammit I can't wait to do it again.
  • Thursday, December 10, 2009

    It's almost my birthday and I'm giving you a present (maybe)

    OMG, OMG, OMG, I can barely contain myself because... VEGAS... in one day!

    It's a big ass birthday bash and I.cannot.wait. And I'll be darned if there isn't a party at Planet Hollywood on Saturday (my actual birthday and no its not in my honor but who cares because there will be bloggers,booze and insanity. I have a feeling what happens in Vegas will not stay in Vegas but be blogged tweeted , Facebooked, emailed...yeah you get the point)

    So while I'm busily getting ready for that head on over to my review blog and enter to win free cereal and movie tickets!

    And Happy Birthday to me. 37 never looked better



    Tuesday, December 1, 2009

    The epitome of stupidity

    I stayed mostly unplugged over the luxoriously long five day break. I had more important things to do- you know, like relive my youth and watch awesomely bad 80s movies.

    Like this one

    And no I'm not joking, I watched Footloose over the holiday.

    Lemme see, I was about 12 years old when it first came out and I remember thinking from the music, to the dancing, to the hawtness of one Kevin Bacon this movie is full of win.

    Watching it again, at 36 (soon to be 37-11 days and counting- yay me! Oops I digress. Oh and I acccept gifts of all kinds -oops there I go again)

    ...well if I'd had 12 year old me there I'd have shaken her and said "The fuck?!"

    But I don't fault 12 year old me because, hell, I was 12 and didn't have the,um, refined tastes I have now.

    What did I know? I wore flourescent ties and shoulder pads. 12 year old me believed that a town really could have laws forbidding dancing.
    12 year old me believed that Ren's spastic dancing made him hot.
    12 year old me didn't question the scene when Ariel got into a physical fight with her boyfriend. Nope didn't wonder why no one addressed the whole dude hitting a girl thing and holygoodgawdalmighty the inappropriateness and holygoodgawdalmighty what message are they sending to 12 year olds.

    12 year old me adored that movie especially the no-rhythym shuffle K.Bake et al did at the very end of the movie.
    In fact I think I may have practiced it once or twice after hearing the theme song (Now you gotta cut loose, Footloose, kick off your Sunday have it in your head now don't you ? You're welcome) on the clock radio I begged my mother for and thought I was the shizz when I actually got.

    Aah the memories that movie brought back.

    But oh the brain cells that it killed.

    Hope y'all had the happiest of Thankgivings and filled your days with hip arthouse "films" and skipped the whole Footloose thing. But if you didn't, remember my stupid ass was doing the very same thing. So don't be too hard on yourself.