Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Countdown Begins

Approximately 7 hours until the event that literally makes me feel like a child abuser.

The dreaded annual doctors appointment for the twins is this afternoon at 3.

Actually, I can't honestly say that I dread the entire appointment. I do love getting the twins' updated stats and having their pediatrician marvel at how well they are doing but its at the end when their Ped. leaves and the nurse comes in that the madness begins.

Today they have not 1, not 2 but 3 vaccinations. Usually I'm required to hold each of them still while the nurse administers the shot. I know they'll likely cry and I will have to continue to hold them still so the nurse can "hurt" them an additional two times before being able to pick them up and cuddle and soothe them.

I hate it, I absolutely hate it.

In an effort to prepare the kids this morning I told them that Grandma was going to pick them up from FMCP's, bring them by Mommy's work (which they love) and then we'd go to the doctors. "We do need to get a shot", I said " but if you are brave Mommy will let you go to the reward store (aka the Dollar Store) and pick out a toy afterwards. Maybe even two" (see what guilt does to me).

"I don't want a shot" J starts to cry and kick her feet in her car seat. "I won't get one"
I tried to explain that the shots protect us from bad things that can make us very very sick and that Mommy had to get them too when she was a little girl but to no avail.

J just wasn't having it. I can't say I blame her.

My idea of fun with the kids is the Children's Museum or the park, or making our own ice cream sundaes not making them wait in a small lobby ,only to be called in to an even smaller room to be poked with needles.

Sure its a necessarily evil but ,good god, I just can't get beyond the fact that now that they are 4 this is going to be so much more of an undertaking than prior years. They are old enough to tell me "Mommy you suck (or something to that effect)" and I fully expect they might.

Hmmm, I hoped posting would alleviate some of the anxiety I'm feeling over this ...but I'm still counting its about 6.5 hours now...


Lene said...

((HUGS)) That sounds so hard! I hate when the kidos need shots.

THe last time DS1 got a shot- he got one the same day that DS2 did. With DS2 (who was a wee one) - it is heartbreaking,but he got over it so quickly. With DS1, he laid on the table, and was looking at the techs with such trust in his eyes. Then the sheer look of terror and tears when they were just ripped my heart to shreds!


Cherann said...

I feel bad for the twin that has to wait for his/her shot while watching the other twin scream in pain.

Hmm. I feel bad for ya. Good luck!

Shauna said...

Wow. Life with twins. I give you credit.
Here's a big hug, too.

Brillig said...

Oh my gosh, I know what you mean. I just made a similarly dreadful appointment myself. Lil' Dude needs his 9-month-old shots, Scooby needs his two-year-old shots, and Fluffy needs her Kindergarten shots. All on the same day, during the same appointment. My Blake will be the only one, sitting and watching from the sidelines (okay, not "sitting." Going through drawers, squirting the special doctor handsoap, pulling the paper protective sheet off the bed, etc)not getting poked and prodded.

It's not until June 9, but oh how I'm already dreading it!

I hope things go/went well today! Good luck!!!

Butrfly4404 said...

The first appointment I ever took the kids to alone, they both needed shots. NB wasn't having his ADHD treated yet and he got very violent. He kicked the doctor, hit the shot lady, wouldn't hold still and he SCREAMED at the top of his lungs. Sunshine just took it with a wince. I think then they were 4 and 7, maybe.

But then, Dad took her to the her last set of shots and she did not like it at all - to the point where she was crying and saying NO MORE! Then...THEN! They sent me a letter saying that the shots might not have been at the right temp so she needed all three redone. She was NOT. Happy.

Good luck with yours!

(ANd I love your "Reward Store!!")

Worker Mommy said...

Thanks everyone, I so appreciate the well wishes!

The three shots were difficult especially the MMR which stung but they handled it suprisingly well and the tears didn't last too long.

The nurse suggested one child go out of the room while the other got shots (which I can't believe I never thought of, duh! ).

I sat each child on my lap and held their arm and then turned their faces so that we'd be cheek to cheek when the shot was administered. That way they knew mommy was close by and also it helped a lot to have them not looking at the shot being administered.

Wow, Brillig thats a lot in one day. Are you bringing reinforcements ? Your Blake and my Blake need to get together. They both do very similar things in the doctors office :)

Worker Mommy said...

Oh and Butrfly - yes we love the "reward" store. At this age they aren't yet snobby/particular about their toys so its a nice cheap way to reward their bravery or special accomplishments

Besides the fact that the Dollar Stores seem to carry everything these days....even milk now. Crazy !