Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What's that thing on your Chest ?

Somehow while camping on the Oregon Coast a couple of weekends ago I managed to get a curling iron burn on my chest (and before you say it, no I do not have chest hair and even if I did I'm confident I wouldn't style it).

Ahem, back to the story...

So I have this burn on my chest that's about the size of the tip of ones thumb.

After the initial pain from the hot iron searing my chest I pretty much forgot about it until two days later when hubby licked his thumb and tried to scrub at it thinking it was dirt.

"Ow," I said loudly as I shrunk away.

"Sorry," he replied. "I thought it was dirt or something"

I quickly realized though that he wasn't the only one that didn't know what it was as I'd begun to get all sorts of strange looks at work.

Because I'd like to think everyone is as nosy as me, I hoped people would ask rather than just stare. But no, they just continued to look and come back and look over and over again under the guise of doing something else. I considered getting a t-shirt made with an arrow pointing to the burn saying "No this is not a fungus, its a burn" Or something to that effect. Anything to get everyone to stop staring at my "chestal" region.

Days passed and the awkward glances continued until a few days ago when our elderly receptionist (the one who always warns me not to come near her when she farts uncontrollably... Thanks, T)came to my office and said "Can I ask you a question? I mean I really don't want to offend you or anything but..."

And before she could finish I said "It's a burn"

"Oh, thank goodness" she said flustered "I thought you got your husband's initials tattooed on your chest"

It was at that point that I fell out of my chair and on to the floor unable to control the laughter.

Ok, well not really. But I did snort a little and then gave her full on permission to slap the beejeezus out of me if I should do something so ridiculous.

Tattoo hubby's initials on my chest, I think not.

My arse, mmm... maybe, but definitely not my chest.


Butrfly4404 said...

HAHAHAH. I do wonder how the burn got on your CHEST, though I wouldn't suspect it was a hairy chest or you probably wouldn't be wearing shirts where people can SEE your chest, right?

I feel like Columbo or something.

Eh, not really.

~Jennifer said...

So did the burn look like actual letters or did your receptionist just think you'd gotten a really horrible tattoo artist?

Worker Mommy said...

Butrfly - If I tell you , you won't believe it it's so ridiculous. I was curling my hair when one of the kids called my name. I turned around quickly and kinda just lost my grip on it. The curling iron sort of fell out of my hand and on to my chest and then down to the floor. Dumb, huh!

Ha, Jennifer...I vote for horrible tattoo artist... and poor vision

Omaha Mama said...

Tee hee. The worst place I ever burnt was on my forehead, but it was BIG. My friend put a 4 in. long burn on her thigh in high school, she's still got that scar. Evil things, curling irons. I'm impressed that you groom while camping. That's beyond me.

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

I burned the skin by my eye once...everyone looked at me like I was some sort of leper.

And butt tattoos are HAWT!

Anonymous said...

Why can't people just ask?

It's amazing.

Glad it wasn't your hubs initials...Only get those on your arse...You know that.

Queen Heather said...

Oh but see, there's ton of potential for fun with that! I'd totally make up stuff about the burn and lie through my teeth just to bother the people who kept staring. I'm mature like that.

Anonymous said...

well you work with a bunch of chickens....I'm the type that would have asked right away, "what the heck is that???" I tell people when they have hangers out their nose, etc. The other day at work I told this guy he had a booger, or a piece of wood in his nose, and kept insisting it was there even though he couldn't wipe it out, turns out it was the other side of his nose ring, well how should I know what they look like from inside the nostril?

Whiskeymarie said...

Hopefully it won't leave a scar.
Then they ask: "How'd you get the scar?"

Chaos Control said...

After the burn heals, you should seriously get a temporary tattoo and apply it in the same spot ... just to keep everyone on their toes!!

Queen of the Mayhem said...

That is too funny! I just had a mental image of someone actually attempting to style their chest hair! (hee-hee)

I absolutely can't stand when people won't stop staring at my chestal region....especially if it is in disgust! :)

Cherann said...

You should make up a story about it. Something husband was really drunk and frisky last weekend. He gave me a hickey right there because he didn't know where my [boob? neck?] was...Geez pissed drunk men just can't get anything right.

Amy said...

One night I was lying on my right side in bed and thought, " shoulder hurts." I reached back and there was a burn on my shoulder about the size of two thumbs. Quite large. I had absolutely no idea what had caused it. My hair is much shorter than that, so I knew it wasn't my curling iron. I think I finally figured it out--I had my hair cut that day and remember her dryer being really, really hot on my scalp--so much so that I had to tell her. I guess it burned my shoulder, too.

Anyway, I forgot about it and worke a low-cut (in the back) dress to a wedding and Chris's sister asked me what it was. I told her a tattoo removal just to see the look on her face because they think of me as totally prim and proper...