Monday, July 23, 2007

Mother Nature, Why do you hate me ?

When my mom was a young girl, she and her two sisters hatched a plan to stay up late and wait for the stork in order to beat him senseless. You see my mom is the oldest of seven children and there came a point were she’d had enough and she just wanted "the stork" ,as my grandmother had explained it, to stop dropping off babies at her house.

I really can't say I blame her.

Because right now I'm devising a plan to kick the shit out of somebody that's been a thorn in my side too.

And that somebody is Mother Nature.

It's late July and while just about every other state in the U.S is enjoying a pleasant sunny day we here in Washington have been experiencing rain. All frickin, flarn filth flarn weekend.

Yes, I do live in the Seattle area and yes it does rain quite often...but really not nearly as much as people would like to think and not usually this late in to July.

So Dear Mother Nature,

Before I resort to violence can I ask that you please give me a break here.
I can't afford to travel to a tropical island, nor can I afford medications for year round Seasonal Affective Disorder so please, please let the sun shine down on me.

Know your role. It's almost August. You are supposed to be gracing us with warm rays of sun not gray, drizzly, muggy, madness.

Now, if I do not see immediate improvement I shall proceed with the beat down.



Anonymous said...

Damn mother nature. She can be a beyatch.

But, you cant' mess with her either...Remember that commercial?

Chaos Control said...

My hormonal, cranky, pregnant self could use a bit of rain right now. Want to house swap? You can come stay here in the valley of Northern California, where it was 100 degrees yesterday!

Ann(ie) said...

ugh. I SECOND THAT!! Nothin but muggy, miserable drizzle. It SUCKS!

Ally said...

My kids haven't seemed to notice that it is rainy and grey. They are naked playing in the backyard, as usual. Funny that. "Nope, we don't even need clothes, Mama!" Okay then.

Shauna said...

I can totally relate. Dreary around here, too.

BTW, loved the baby photo you posted!

Mamma said...

Okay, I love your mom!

Hoping you see the sun soon.

Butrfly4404 said...

I wonder how one would go about kicking mother nature's ass. Just don't do anything ANTI-green, okay? :)

A couple winters ago, my grandpa died and we went to his funeral in Missouri. We were so excited to get just out of the snow. My uncle and his family flew in from Seattle and they were excited to be away from the record-breaking days of rain. The day after we arrived, it rained and then snowed. No kidding.

Lesson: When she's out to get you, there is no running from Ma Nature!

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

She's been raining on my million degree parade here in Alabama. As if we need MORE humidity.

Sugar Kane said...

I'd take rain over sweltering heat any day! Humidity is a bitch.

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

mother nature has bestowed hot, hot, humid weather on us this week. not sure which is worse...

Anonymous said...

take a large knife