Monday, July 28, 2008

Control is Overrated

Most of the time I like to appear as if I'm in control of a situation. I'd like to think that I have the ability to maintain my composure in the most intimidating of circumstances. Levelheaded, cool as a cucumber. That's me.

Except for Saturday

As I sat at a new "shi shi" wine bar in town I felt like I was breaking out in a sweat. I got there half an hour early, which in and of it self is a rarity for me. Especially since I'm not really on time to anything.Ever. I'd taken the bus to Seattle as I knew I'd most likely drink my weight in wine so I arrived earlier then our scheduled meeting time.

I ordered my first glass and waited. She called to let me know she'd be a little late. I crossed and re-crossed my legs, I fixed my shirt and checked the bottom of my shoes and waited, my nervous anctipation at it's peak.

After my second trip to the bathroom I walked out and saw her sitting at the space I'd occupied just moments ago. I tried my hardest not to lose it. I wanted to run and jump on her. But I didn't. I'd like to think I was somewhat controlled when I grabbed her and squeezed her and shouted WM! From then on I'm sure I was a babbling mess.

LOVE.Her! It's taking every ounce of self control I have right now not to stalk her. Dammit why couldn't she have been ridiculously loud, or smelly or something ? Nothing. She's even cuter in person and funny and honest and well none of this did anything to help cure me of my platonic girl crush.

We drank, we talked , we ate, we cried, we sang...what can I say it was more fun then a barrel of monkeys.

And I love that she didn't run away screaming when I asked if I could lick her (thanks Mr. WM for allowing me to get a little frisky with your wife). Yep my friends I was that outta control. Sure it was for a posed photo but that's some serious fabulousity on her part to put up with drunken, crazy me . Particularly when at the end of the night I repeatedly asked her to go dance with me. Repeatedly being the key word. Even after she told me "I don't dance."
Did I tell you I'm a good listener.

Lord help me.

So there you have it. The abridged version of the night. I loved Whiskeymarie as much as I thought I would, got to meet her super cool hubby and generally acted a fool. All that and no one got arrested (unless you count the almost riot on the bus in front of me as I left to go home).

Good times, my friends, good times.


Maria said...

overrated? are you nuts?

Groovy Mom said...

LOL! I'm sure she loved you right back! Did you really lick her? Nevermind. I know you did. ;-)

WM said...

Nuts ?? What would make you think that. I'm completely sane. I lick people when I first meet them. (well only certain people anyway)

Groovy- you damn skippy I licked her

Anonymous said...

Two "WM"'s in one place - I bet you had a blast!!

MichaƩle said...

Well, you can't say something like that and not tell us what she tasted like.....

The Laundress said...

Good friends are so awesome...Yay for you.

Lollie said...

lemon and rhubarb tart - i'll bet that's what she tasted like...

Lollie said...

oh and i'm supremely jealous!

Mike said...

Wow! I had no idea when I came over here today that I'd be reading about ladies licking each other! Score!

Elisa said...


That's what happens when we meet VIPs. And drink. Children, learn a lesson: don't drink and meet. Do meet and drink. Ok that's dumb. But hey, I'm drunk too.

Whiskeymarie said...

(The sound of me licking your face)
My love for you knows no bounds.


And cuter than a basket of kittens wrapped in bunnies.

Send me pictures. Unless you already have and I haven't checked my e-mail. then just disregard this demand.


Butrfly Garden said...

Sheeeet. Send ME pictures!

I can't believe I missed this post! I was watching for it!

I only live an hour from whiskey and have never met her. How you live across the damn country and got to LICK her is just beyond me.

Jealous girl right here.