Friday, June 1, 2007

My Cleavage is not your Play Place

Summer is finally here and I'm overjoyed. I love spending time outdoors and feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin.

I also can't help but like the fact that along with summer comes a new wardrobe.
I mean I certainly wouldn't want to wear a long sleeve crew neck shirt in 80 degree weather would I ?

Someone else likes the new wardrobe too.

That someone would be my son B. He loves that mom has different clothes on because it's enabled him to find a new toy.And that would be my cleavage.

Yep, you heard me my cleavage.

I think B discovered it the other day while a tank top clad me was holding him. It must have looked inviting because that little bugger stuck his finger in there and of course it was while I just happened to be talking to someone. She pretended not to notice.

I on the other hand couldn't.

"Honey," I said "Those are Mommy's privates and you shouldn't do that" I said as I put him down.

A few days later, as I was sitting next to him on the couch the temptation was there again ,I guess. This time,though, he heeded my warning about putting his finger down there.

Instead he thought it might be fun to put a couple of pennies in to his new "toy" .

I retrieved the change and again told him "B,you know Mommy told you not to do that"
Never one to back down from a challenge he waited several minutes until I'd forgotten and then proceeded to try and drop a small toy in the old cleave.

"Ok," I said "That's enough! I know it seems funny , but these are Mommy's privates and not toys"

Later I was telling hubby and asking if I should be worried. "Is our son a perv ?" I asked.

"No" he says exaggeratedly to let me know he thought I was off my rocker.

"I was just kidding," I said "I know he's just a little boy and he's still learning"

"Right" Hubby said, "Besides, if you don't want him to play in there then maybe you shouldn't make them so tempting"

and before I could respond he said

"I kind of want to put a few things in there myself" *wink*

Then it was all clear to me, how on earth could I expect B to be um "normal" when his dad is the biggest perv of them all.


~Jennifer said...

Hey, at least you know where to look if you lose a sock or your car keys or something!

Anonymous said...

My daughter is infatuated with my cleavage.

I always laugh and yell..."Don't touch my Bosoms!"...However, now it's a joke.

We giggle. But she's my girl...I guess it's different with a son?

Worker Mommy said...

You know Janet, part of me totally wanted to laugh but then of course that would have given him license to do it over and over again - and heaven forbid if he does it to another female other than mom.

I remember when he was about 2 and he poked a teenager in her butt when we were in Forever 21. I was mortified. Thank goodness she understood he was just a baby!

cathouse teri said...

I have babies do that to me all the time.

Worker Mommy said...

But what about 4 year olds Cathouse ?

Sugar Kane said...

It could be worse, he could be an ass-man. Think how embarassing that would be. Not really a place I want to look for my keys.

Magoo still has problems keeping his hands to himself sometimes. Funny how we never hear of little girls grabbing at their daddys!

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I had a friend's little girl who insisted on keeping her hand in there...every time I held her. I might have been appalled...but she was only one!

Junior Mayhem has a deep seated love of everything boob.....he does come by it naturally!

Quit looking so hot.....I'm just saying! (hee-hee)

Queen of the Mayhem said...

PS: I forgot! Junior Mayhem felt the urge to smack his preschool teacher on the boob! Might go down in history as one of my proudest mom moments....try not to be jealous!

Of course, his dad found it so much!

Ally said...

I have to admit, I've often felt tempted to shoot some baskets into the funnel of large cleavage that I see, so I don't think I can blame your son. :)

yerdoingitwrong said...

hehe. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree!! =P

Butrfly4404 said...

How funny!

Yesterday, Sunshine came into the dressing room with me while I tried on jeans. Every pair she'd stick her hand in the pocket and comment on whether it was a big pocket or a little one. I didn't want to embarass her, but I said, "That's not very appropriate to stick your hand in people's pockets." She kept doing it so I finally said, "Stop it, now, I don't like that." I didn't know what else to say! I didn't want to make her feel like a perv!

cathouse teri said...

Well, usually by the time they are four, they are hopefully not doing it to strangers! But doing it to mom might just be too tempting. I have a friend whose little three or four year old has a hard time letting go of mommy's breasts, but he was breast fed.

I have mentioned before, I did not do such a thing with my breasts.

However, I think it's not strange that your boy thinks your cleavage is enticing. I mean, it is! It's beautiful and why shouldn't he think so?

whiskeymarie said...

I personally have a hard time NOT putting objects in my friends' cleavage. Sorry, it's just way too tempting.
It's like they're calling out to me "just stick the pencil/quarter/skittle/dollar bill in here, you know you want to..."

I can't say I blame him.

Brillig said...

My kids think that mine are "handles." You know, use momma's boobs to pull yourself up, or to let her know you want her to pick you up. Lovely.

(And I loved the last little bit of your post. hahahahahahahahahaha.)

Jennifer Playgroupie said...

My son and husband are ever so obsessed with my cleavage and boobs, too. Doesn't help that I nurse what seems like every hour, so I'm continuously whipping 'em out for the world to see.

I can't wait until I own my boobies again!

Anonymous said...

it's probably normal for him to be curious, he'll grow out of it....oh he won't. He's a man. sorry I just gave you a fake reassurance.

Queen Heather said...

You talking to me, mom of the son who borrows my boobs and yells 'yay for boobs!'? tehehe! He still tries to get away with patting and squishing mine in public. I remember when he nursed, he HAD to have his hand on my other boob squeezing it. He's been a perv since birth.

Boys...what can I say. But the time comes to reclaim the girls! They are MINE!

lucy said...

hahah. my sister did that to my mom when she was a baby. my shocked mother: "Don't ever do that again, sweetie. that's not for you."

i would like to say, See Shooter when the time is found. amazing movie. also, The Riches is great. i'm glad you have time for some good television :)

Cherann said...

Nice. He's well on his way... and for the record, all males are perverts, even gay ones.

Mamma said...

That is hysterical! As my mom has told me on a number of occasions...
boys never change.

Worker Mommy said...

Sugar, OMG yes looking for lost in one's ass not my idea of fun.

Queen of M - Aah yes, don't you just love those moments

Ally- I had to laugh but please promise me if we meet you won't throw random items in my cleavage.

WM- same goes for you but sure I suppose it is kind of hard not to resist especially for those that are larger chested (which I am not)

Queen Heather, Jennifer Playgroupie & Brillig - I hope you get your boobies back soon.

Worker Mommy said...

Oops to Sugar Kane that was supposed to say that looking for lost stuff in one's ass would not be my idea of fun :)

C-Teri- yes cleavage is a beautiful thing...but having toys and money thrown in ones cleavage maybe not so much

Chaos Control said...

Boys will be boys ... doesn't matter the age. My three year old is fascinated by my breasts as well - doesn't matter what time of year. Good to hear I'm not alone!!

Naarski said...

So funny!

Lene said...

LMAO such a funny story! Like father like son....I think this all the time.

Southern Fried Mom said...

I am the only girl in the house, and two out of the three men I live with are obsessed with my boobies. The big one, and the little one. Little one only nursed exclusively for four months, but he is fascinated with the girls!

A Modern Idiot said...

Thats funny. My husband was like that when he was a baby. He was obsessed with "skinny ladies" like the ones in his mom's work out videos. The whole family tells this story about an afternoon in the grocery store. My MIL was trying to get through quickly with my DH and one of his brothers. DH was about 2 1/2- my MIL left him with his dad and they disappeared. A while later my FIL came back to ask if Tommy was with her...NO. After checking the entire store and calling the police, they found him. A woman had brought him back inside because he had followed her to her car - when my MIL asked him what on earth he thought he was doing he answered "Following skinny lady" - they never change