Tuesday, June 5, 2007

No Fanfare, No Ticker Tape Parade, No Celebratory Gala

Sadly my 5 year anniversary here came and went. I didn't even post about it yesterday because...well, I didn't have anything exciting to tell.

There was no champagne cocktail waiting on my desk,no balloons or confetti, nor was there an email from my boss saying "Dear Worker Mommy, Take the day off. You've earned it. In fact here's a 15% raise because you kick so much ass."

No none of that.

Not even my cheap certificate, pin and catalogue full of cheesy gifts to select from to commemorate the occasion. It was just a plain old work day like any other.

You may be saying five years , that's nothing. But for me folks,it is. It is indeed as this is the longest I've been with any employer. So it's simply HUGE.

But I digress, back to the pity party.

In honor of this auspicious occasion I shall celebrate with you my blogosphere pals
and I can't think of any better way to begin the festivities then to share highlights of my 5 years here:

1)Worked on a laptop recruiting candidates while extremely large, extremely uncomfortable,extremely pregnant and on bedrest - in a hospital no less (wait, please hold your applause)

2)Co-pioneered the now legendary summer celebration in which we pick a theme, close down the street in front of our building and party like rockstars

3)Was voted Oustanding Staff in 2004 (wait, wait, please get up off the floor its not that funny)

4)Took part in the resolution of several employee relations nightmares (my personal fave: the employee that was using company email to make dates to have sex in the bathroom )

5)After 4.5 years of "cubing" it I lobbied for my own office and "won"

I'm sure there are many more fabulous things that yours truly accomplished but you get the idea (really I swear...I used to be am a good employee).

Ok, I guess I haven't been completely honest. There was some recognition today from my boss and she did suggest we celebrate but that was only after I sent her an email requesting time off and putting in the following "Btw, my vacation accrual just increased as my 5 year anniversary was yesterday."

So cheers to me for making it this far. Now that I've gained enough sympathy gifts can be sent to:

Worker Mommy
c/o Sucky Company that Doesn't Recognize Important Events
1234 We Bite Ln
Seattle, WA 00000


Ally said...

Three cheers for Worker Mommy! If I were handier with photoshop I'd make you a commenmorative button to post on your blog. But alas, I lack the skillz.

Butrfly4404 said...

Congratulations, Worker Mommy!! Ha! You are very deserving of your screen name!

I'll hit my three years "with the company" in July (four years altogther in Oct), and then I'll be vested in my 401k. That's a big reason I've stayed for so long. Yeah, I think we get a certificate to hang on the wall and a clock. The Man got a Citzen watch for his (and the Certificate, of course, gotta have that!).

Congratulations to you. (And I am SO jealous of your office.)

Worker Mommy said...

Ally - Just know you thought about making a commerative button is enough for me *sniff*

Butrfly - Thanks, you should come work with me -you're vested immediately in the 401K and I'd even let you share my office. We'd have a special blogging hour and everything

whiskeymarie said...

If I was your boss, I would take you out for wine and food...
and more wine. And, maybe... more wine.
I would pay, even without a coupon, 'cause I'm stand-up like that.

Oh, and I'd make you a plaque from wood harvested from your boss's desk, as the 5 year anniversary gift is traditionally wood, and I'm all about "recycling"

Happy 5th!

~Jennifer said...

I'm sorry. That really stinks. My employer didn't celebrate my 5 year anniversary OR even my 10 year anniversary. He did take one employee out to lunch for an anniversary, but only because her husband called and essentially said, "You better take her out or she'll cry." :-P

~Jennifer said...

Shoulda said EX employer. :-)

Anonymous said...

Next time just decorate your own office just like Michael Scott on The Office TV show. Have a party and invite everyone but the boss. She sucks. She's usually do. lol

Lollie said...

Hi Worker Mommy - glad to have found you. I, too, appreciate a witty gal.

I was in a ballet company for 13 years and all I got when I left was three scars from two arthroscopic suguries.

Jennifer Playgroupie said...

I haven't held a job for 5 years since my hostess job at Ruby Tuesday when I was in high school/college. I'm impressed!

Queen of the Mayhem said...

You deserve much more than a 15% raise! It simply must be that your boss does not appreciate you for the Diva you are......I must have his/her email......I will take care of this problem for you! (hee-hee)

Life As I Know It said...

Congratulations on the big 5 year mark. I don't think I've ever made it 5 years with one company.
Sounds like I was in the same field you are so kudos to you!

yerdoingitwrong said...

My generous employer gave out a lovely pen at the five year mark. It broke after about a month of light use.

Feeling your pain, girl!!

I'm thinking retreat to Vegas....or a sunny beach. We deserve it!

Lene said...

Congrats on 5 years! That is longer than I've ever worked at a job. They do suck for not giving you some sort of recognition!

Chaos Control said...

Congratulations on five years! That's an enormous achievment in this day and age where most people rarely last a year or two in a job!!

And an HR Director, these kinds of stories make me cringe! Actually, it's these kinds of things that make it so easy for me to recruit great employees away from employers like yours!! :-)

Worker Mommy said...

Thanks everyone I knew I could count on my blogosphere buddies!!

Uhh and Whiskey, will you be my new boss ?

Queen you are absolutely right. I am a diva - this company better recognize.

Good idea Ba Doozie - I love The Office

Man, Lollie, Sorry about the scars but a ballet company that's damn cool!

Actually everyone, my boss is rather cool and we get along well but I have to admit it does kind of suck that she didn't remember and that my service award wasn't ready.

The funny thing is that the service award program used to be a responsibility of mine - then I passed it on to my co-worker who obviously isn't doing nearly as good of a job as I did w/the program :)

Brillig said...

I'll celebrate with you! Let's see, I have a Dr. Pepper and a Twix bar within reach. *Raises glass in honor of Worker Mommy*

I've never ever stuck with a job for that long, unless you count motherhood in which case I've BARELY made it that long. Congrats!!!

Cherann said...

5 years is a long time to me too. The longest I've ever worked somewhere is 4 years.

Congratulations...sorry your under appreciated. But I think every job is under appreciated...especially the "mom job".

Worker Mommy said...

Amen Cherann!

Anonymous said...

Well, that sucks. They really should recognize it with at least a thank you!!!

I am proud of you!

Worker Mommy said...

Aww shucks, Janet :)
Thanks from the bottom of my Workerest Mommy heart.