Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Heaven forbid I might be allowed to be Happy

Lest my boss accuse me of being an irresponsible pet owner.

I was running 1/2 hour late this morning and was stressing something fierce as I knew I had a ton of stuff to do when she walked in to my office, handed me an article and said "I thought of Buzz when I read this"
A little background on my favorite canine. He's 1/2 Siberian Husky, 1/2 Lab and is rather portly. He's a bit schizophrenic and sheds so much so that I could make another dog from the hair I vacuum up but he's been part of my family since BT (before twins) and I gotta say I rather dig him.

So I began to read the article and quickly surmised that the author thinks that pets that are food focused are that way because their owners are overfeeding them. It went on to give examples about overweight owners leading to overweight pets, owners giving their pets the wrong type of food and owners not exercising their pets enough. WTF ?! Sure I'm not perfect but the delivery of the message just sucked. I mean the least she could have done if she was going to trash my pet parenting skills all to hell was to maybe do it after buying me lunch or hell I would have even settled for a latte. Can you say R-U-D-E ?

So I furiously emailed my sister to tell her how pissed I was and she said "Yeah, she probably feels its ok because you two are friendly with one another."

She's right. And here's the thing , if that's the kind of "subtle" hints I get from "friends" then I don't need ya.

Of course now that its out there I can't just ignore it. Now I feel like I need to sign my dog up for the doggie day spa & fitness center, and give him home cooked meals.

Which given the time and the resources I'd be willing to do it.

So where does that leave us ?

Well ,Ms. Bitchy McProblem Starter (aka Worker Mommy's boss) I think you'd better plan on doing my work while I'm away and taking a pay cut. Yes please just sign that cash right on over to me.
Then, I promise you I'll work my hardest to become the model pet owner just like you *gag*...and *wretch* and *dry heave*.


Anonymous said...

Shit. I would be more pissed that she might be insinuating that I EAT TOO MUCH or am "Portly"....THAT would infuriate me.

Who gives a turd about the dogs rolls...Whattabout my own? And who is she to acknowledge them?

I am mad at her now.

Worker Mommy said...

Exactly, Janet!

There have been several times where she and I have griped about needing to lose weight after having our kids. But thats me griping about my own weight. I damn sure don't need someone else to point it out.

Believe me I was hot about that insinuation too!
I pretty much holed up in my office yesterday and ignored the shit out of her.
Maybe its time to change it back to just an employee/ boss relationship and not invite one another to our kids b'day parties and go out to lunch and all that jazz.

Lene said...

Yea, I would be pissed off too. I don't get WTF her point was? Why on earth would you give that to someone and say what she did? Did she laugh or was she serious? I don't get it.

My DH is a veterinarian and he sees a lot of wacky pet owners. I think if we had a pet spa here - they would definitely be there! Oh the stories my DH has...hehe

whiskeymarie said...

What's that I smell in the air?
Smells like someone opened up a big ol' can of passive aggressive!

Seems like there's lots of that goin' round lately.

Worker Mommy said...

Touche, WM !

Brillig said...

Um... yeah. She just sounds SUPER. yikes! I hope that she's just stupid, not malicious.

Absolutely Bananas said...

Oh wow, that is totally rude!!

Shauna said...

I'm pissed off for you! She's got a lot of nerve...

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

gotta love unsolicited "advice".

maybe you should return the favor and... i dunno...send her something about reducing wrinkles, or joining AA or (insert applicable problem/issue here).

something sure to get her attention that hits fairly close to home.

Worker Mommy said...


Chaos Control said...

Some people have all the nerve!

I say that you go to the Over Eaters Anonymous website and sign her up. She'll start getting calls and emails and won't know why. Or maybe one about herpes or something.

I know, I know. I'm going straight to hell.

moosh in indy. said...

Why I don't have dogs.
Why my boss is a two year old.

Cherann said...

Sometimes portly Canines are cuter than their skinny counterparts.

More to love...

Butrfly4404 said...

hahaa, cherann. My cat gets 'portly' but all she does is lie around all day. I feed her what the bag says and don't try so hard to block her escapes sometimes (she needs the exercise).

I used to call her names like TubbaTessa and say "look at that big butt on you! why are you crying for food!?" (Yes, I'm evil and tease my cat when she's hungry). But I get mad if anyone else says she's fat!!! EVEN THE KIDS!!! That's why I quit saying it, because they spent like a half hour going off about how she's the fattest cat ever (not even close) and I told them it wasn't nice to remark about someone's weight - even a cat. (**BUT you DO IT!**)

Point? Why yes: I would have been pissed, too. But at least you don't work with the lady my mom does. She ACTUALLY said "Butr'sMom thinks I am SO beautiful, she wants to look like me and lose weight. I so flattered she want to look like me, but she won't. I am glad to inspire her, though." I am dead serious - and that's not the worst of her. (My mom almost knocked her head off!)

But I get really offended