Monday, April 23, 2007

Way to build up Mommy's Self Esteem

This weekend as I went to put a DVD in for the kids my son says "Mom,are you gonna lose that?"

"What I ask?"

"Your big ol butt" he says.

Now a little background: my mom took the twins to a doctors appointment in which they hooked up leads to her stomach and chest. During the course of the appointment in true "kids say the darndest things" fashion B asks "Grandma why is your belly so big?" My mom thought the best approach was just to be straight up and tell B that "Grandma eats too much junk food but she really needs to loose her big ol' belly"

So, I guess when B. saw Mommy's gargantuan gluteus he felt he needed to inquire as to whether I ,like his grandma, was going to loose that "big 'ol thing"

"I can't loose it" I said knowing that even if I did drop a few pounds I'd still be one of those women Sir Mix a Lot was rappin' about.

"Besides" I add " I kind of like my booty and I think Daddy does too"

Whose kid is this I start to think and where did he get the idea that if its smaller its better. I gotta teach this kid a few things. I mean hell, its good to be bootylicious. Besides he took after mommy's side of the family and he's got a little bit of "back" himself.

So later that night I'm relaying the story to hubby because part of me thought it was funny and then the other part of me needed some affirmation.

Hubby kind of chuckles and asks B if he said that to Mommy.

"Yeah" he says, "but her doesn't gotta loose it"

Aww, I think he's learning. Thats all I can ask for right ?


"but her does got a big 'ol booty and it needs to be little"

Lord, I give up!


Butrfly4404 said...

My dear sweet little Sushine is the one who, for like three months after pregnancy, told people that I didn't have a baby in there anymore, it was just going to be big and fat for a while.

Thanks, dear, thanks for clearing that up for them!

Brillig said...

Hahaha. Oh my gosh, that's so funny. They do have the need to be downright honest, don't they? And Butrfly, your comment was hilarious too. It makes me afraid to let the kids go to school... or be anywhere where I can't censor them!

Worker Mommy said...

Aren't you lovin it butrfly!?

Oh gosh, Brillig...I wasn't even thinking about school. Heaven help me then. I know I'll be the mom that get several weekly calls from the teacher.

Lene said...

They are soooo honest! My DS pointed out (quite loudly) at a restaurant that a lady walked funny. He was curious in his asking but I was completely mordified because the woman heard him.