Thursday, April 12, 2007

Do I Really Want to be Famous for This ?

When I found out I was pregnant with two babies instead of one I knew that my days of breeding were over with this sole pregnancy.

Thus I decided to capture it on film and a la Demi Moore I bared it all in the name of art .

So after the ego deflating moment I had yesterday I was pleased to come in to an email from the maternity photographer, Jennifer Loomis. She'd be premiering some of her work at a Mother's Day Celebration at a "shi shi" maternity store the email said and asked my consent to use one of my photos.

I was instantly flattered and quickly emailed them back to let them know I'd be honored to have them use one of the images.

Only now I can't stop looking at it.

Ha, look at that big old belly! Do I really want this to be my claim to fame ?


Butrfly4404 said...

YES! That's a really cool picture...I wish I would have done something like that...instead of THIS

Haha..the silhouette would have hid the acne well!

You have your whole life to be famous for something else...take what you can get now! ;)

Worker Mommy said...

Thanks butrfly. I'll have to really start working on whatever those other things are that I can be famous for...
Cuz I'm not sure this is cutting it.

Thank you for sharing your pic !

Brillig said...

Yes, you do! Because it's absolutely stunning. Not only because it's a beautiful photograph shot by a talented photographer, but because its subject is beautiful too. What a great honor! (And just because you're famous for one thing doesn't mean you don't also get to be famous for other things, right?)