Tuesday, April 3, 2007


So my Aunt just loves crocheting. She crocheted the cutest hats for B & J for Christmas and just whipped up a great little shawl for J.

Auntie's been trying to teach me for ages but as a lefty I gotta admit its hard to duplicate the motions she's doing with her right hand.

But, I am going to learn how to sew!

About a week ago, I was in Walmart and wandered in to the fabric section. Now I am not a craft person necessarily but I think I was just so giddy that I was actually in a store without the kids that I leisurely went down every aisle.

As I casually walked down the aisles I saw the cutest bolts of patterned smocked fabric that seemed to merely need a couple of stitches here and a strap there and voila I'd have the most fabulous sundresses for J.

Besides, this is the age I can get away with making her something that she'd actually wear. I know TomGirl, my 14 year old stepdaughter, and Girly Pre-teen (GPT), my 12 year old stepdaughter, would never ever be caught dead in something I'd sewn - no matter how fabulous it was.

So for now, I'll try my creations out on J.

I'm sure I can do it. My non crocheting abilities are not telling, right ?

I've already researched the class:

Sewing 101, $40 at the Joanne Fabric Store a few miles from home. Check.

Ideas for 1st sewing project: Fabulous sundresses for J. Check.

Sewing machine. Uhhh ...


Wait a minute, I totally forgot a few years back hubby and I got GPT this and its just been sitting on her shelf

I mean would they really expect those of us that don't know how to sew to purchase state of the art equipment ?

Besides I'm sure I can sew the hell outta some dresses with this.

After all, Barbie's wardrobe kicks ass

and I just know it was sewn on a Barbie sewing machine just like this.


Naarski said...

I went on a sewing craze back in 2001-I even asked Jason for a sewing machine for my b-day. I gave up on learning how to use it-I failed miserably. But I still wanted to sew. So, I continued to but fabric and batting and sewed a bunch of crappy looking pillows by hand with needle and thread. I still have them.

Worker Mommy said...

Aww, don't dash my hopes, Naarski! I'm secretly hoping I really can be the next Donna Karan.

Brillig said...

I believe in you and your barbie sewing machine! I have a daughter in the age group that I can still sew stuff for, and I make her stuff all the time. Nothing fancy, but it's fun for me and for her. She wanted a princess hat recently (who doesn't?) so I let her pick out the sparkly pink fabric and the lace, etc. It was just what she wanted. Granted, I've never worked with the magic of the Barbie machine...