Friday, October 19, 2007

Inappropriately Funny

Pulling out of the parking garage at the park and ride yesterday I noticed the license plate frame of the car in front of me: "My other ride is" it began. Expecting it to say “ a Jag, or Viper” or some other ridiculously expensive car I almost didn’t continue reading because truthfully, I’m not sure I really get the point of that particular message on license frames. Ok,so you have another car, so what...

But no this one wasn't like that, it continued on to say “your mom”.

I’m pretty sure I guffawed (i've alway wanted to use that word. Whew, now I can check it off of my list of things I want to say before I die) because for some reason at that particular moment that was very funny.

I guess it's because I think "Yo momma" jokes are funny. There I said it.

Sure there are some “Yo momma” jokes, just like many other non "yo momma" jokes that are outright offensive. And I don't much care for offensive ...but I do likes me an inappropriate joke now and then.
Besides when I hear a “yo momma" joke, I just plain don’t associate them with my own mother…or anyone elses mother really…I simply appreciate them for being bold and creative in an inappropriate kind of way.

Hell, what is there really to get offended by ? I know full well that my mom is not so stupid she hears it's chilly outside so she gets a bowl.

Just like I know my momma is not so stupid when asked on an application, "Sex?" she marks, "M, F and sometimes Wednesday too."

C’mon you can’t tell me you didn’t snort a little when you read this?

So yeah I’m guilty of laughing at a joke or two that others may consider inappropriate, childish and maybe even stupid, but dammit some inappropriate things are just funny

Perhaps, one day I’ll get a wake–up call when B or J come home and ask Mom “Do you really model for trophies ?”

“What?” I’ll ask

"Well, little Petey Snotnose said to me today Yo momma so short, she models for trophies.”

Then I’ll have to explain, that what Petey Snotnose said was not nice and that we shouldn’t say mean things about other people.

Of course after that I will go in to the bathroom and howl… because , just like at the ripe old age of 2 when B uttered the word shitty, sure it’s inappropriate but even when it’s directed at me…it’s still funny.


Butrfly Garden said...

I agree. the difference is "yo momma" to "your mom."

All my jokes were always directed at my brothers and vice versa.

I like me some inappropriateness now and then. Keeps me young.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

....and this is yet another reason why I love you!

I am the hugest fan of the infantile humor.....even when it is inapropriate.....I usually find it funny!

If you can't laugh at nonsense....what can you do?

AND...for the love of not say strive to make the world a better place or some other tree-hugging nonsense! :)

Anonymous said...

I still love "fart" jokes so you know I love the "yo momma" jokes.

Mishel said...

Do you know how hard it is to laugh w/o laughing so that one's husband does not look at her like she's lost it (finally)? Let me tell you it's pretty hard:) I remember those 'Yo Mamma' jokes and although I can't remember telling them I laughed at them. I also remember a bumper sticker that said: nice girls don't but I do. I almost put it on my 1st car but my dad said that when I went overseas for duty that he wasn't going to take care of my car if it had that sticker on it so no sticker was put on it. But I loved it:)

carrie said...


I love a good old naughty laugh -- especially in the bathroom when the kids say something!

CDP said...

butrfly's exactly right; the "yo momma" vs. the "your mom" makes ALL the difference. I LOVE "momma" jokes.

Virtualsprite said...

I love it. I just love it.

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

yeah, i do enjoy me the occasional inappropriate joke once in a while. in fact, i think those are often the once that make me laugh the hardest. i guess it's just that "inner child" in all of us?

Anonymous said...

personally I totally respect you for laughing at inappropriate things. Cause that's how I roll

Jill said...

I saw a hilarious one the other day...get's pretty bad.

"Jesus loves you. Everyone else thinks you're an asshole!"

Alex Elliot said...

My aunt farted at our family reunion, and my cousin and I could not stop laughing. Long after it was no longer funny, we still thought it was.

Cherann said...

I like yo momma jokes too!

I aspire to have a license plate frame that says:

"Who are these kids and why are they calling me mom?!?!"

Candace said...

funny, funny and funny
thanks for the laughs.

mamaDB said...

Oh, I must be in a mood because this completely cracked me up, yo mamma getting a bowl because she heard its chilly outside. Big Kid Brain!

Love your blog.