Monday, June 8, 2009

We walked, we saw, we're determined to kick major ass next year

My mom, my two aunts and I joined thousands of Seattlelites at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure yesterday.

The event,in a word, was nothing short of amazing. The sheer number of folks that walked, raced, raised money and dedicated their time to support curing breast cancer was incredible.

I'd joined the walk late in the game. I knew I wanted to get out and walk in support of my mother, a two year survivor, but I procrastinated and just two days before the walk joined the team my aunt's workplace sponsored.

I was humbled to be amongst such brave woman and their families. I was inspired by the hundres of thousands of dollars that had been raised. As I looked around at all the teams I couldn't help but feel like I really could have (and should have) done much more.

The creativity, thought and sheer time put in to organizing, fundraising and coordinating their personal teams was unbelievable. There were teams with pink tutus with fun names like "Jacks Racks",teams with solid black tees with pink sunflowers over each breast. Then there was this team: I loved their slogan (Save 2nd base) so much I had to stop one of the team members and ask her for a picture.

Then there were these guys

With their pink headbands, pink muscle shirts and pink shorts they were just too awesome for words.

And this. Could you just die from the cuteness or what?

Seeing all this energized me to do more.

And so it was born: my aunts, my mom and I are seriously motivated to create the rockinest team ever.

We want a sassy name, we want cool hats and awesome tees. (That's where you come in, internetz. Ideas ? The best team name I came up with was Hotties for Healthy Hooters. But I'm certainly not married to that name)

We want to raise tons of money. We want more of our family to come out.

But most importantly we want to show what we can really do to support such an incredibly worthy cause.

So next year watch out...

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Life As I Know It said...

I don't have an team name idea, just wanted to say how great a cause it is and how great of you to participate. My sister was diagnosed last July - it's been a hell of a year, to say the least.
Go pink!

Mrs. Tantrum said...

I don't have a name idea, BUT I will work on it. If you totally promise that I can join your team. We will raise more money than anyone else, have ROCKING outfits, and have a great time.

ButrflyGarden said...

(haha - your new comment thing is like a quiz I don't remember the answers to. :))

YAY for walking, WM! It's so important to get out there and raise awareness. Take this advice from me - come up with deadlines for things (sending out ecards, making tshirts, etc) otherwise it's going to be a long night before the walk. :) Good luck on coming up with a name!!