Thursday, June 18, 2009

Let's just say...

That I was right about there being a secret wedding. Did you even doubt me for a second ? You did ? Well don't ever do it again,mmkay?

I drove down after work with Kay and the twins and the trip began with family drama. Their side not ours. I was seriously ready to turn around and go home. Most of the first night was weird to say the least.

But then it got better. There was a wedding Saturday evening on the dock with all of the guests in bathing suits. The newlyweds, the bride in a long flowing sundress and the groom in a short sleeved button down and shorts, took a plunge off of the dock upon being pronounced married. Then there was celebrating. Lots of celebrating.

After dinner, there may have been some drinking of the al-key-hall. Big kids may have been asked to watch little kids and some of the adults may have gone to a restaurant/bar within walking distance where maybe more alcohol was consumed. There may have even been some shirtless men dancing on a bar. One of them may have been my husband.

There may have been a rendevous in the grass which caused me to temporarily lose my cell phone. I might have been overheard by my stepdaughter,TomGirl, saying to my husband that I think my phone fell out of my jeans pocket in the grass when I , er removed them. She may never recover from hearing that. Or she may have said: I knew what you guys were doing when you came and grabbed a sleeping bag and it's all good. At least it shows that you guys love each other. I may just think she's the coolest teenager around.

There may have been wakeboarding, boating, seadoo-ing and there may have been a scary the water is too cold- I have this wakeboard stuck on my feet-I wanna get out but I can't and am panicking water incident. Maybe.

All I know is I'm still tired. Work is fairly busy. So that's all you get.

For now.



Shana Baehr said...

Even though you weren't crazy about the wedding, it sounds like you had a good time anyway!

VirtualSprite said...

Oooh!!!! I knew it! I'm glad you had fun though. And TomGirl is so cool.

Robin said...

Now that's a fun wedding =)

justagirl said...

First time visitor. I LOVE your blog and I LOVE the way you write. Glad I went surfing today.

WM said...

@justagirl: aww are officially my new homey. Thanks, sweets. XO WM

Ms. Tantrum said...

I am so glad that it was fun, and that there was a little rendevousing in the grass for you and Hubby. You need more of that. Maybe less in the neighborhood of the Al-Key-Hall ones, but still lots of fun nonetheless. I just hope we are still on for her bachlorette party...without her of course!