Monday, September 29, 2008

Ramblings from a very, very tired woman

It's a Monday morning not unlike the 2476 Mondays that have come before it. I'm at work and I'd rather be just about anywhere else. I'm incredibly exhausted and if you saw me now you'd probably be downright scared. The bags under my eyes and my lack of attention given to my coif this morning make it hard to tell me apart from this guy

Actually, my weekend was good. The weather was brilliant and the fam and I discovered a delightful new italian restaurant. It's the same old story though, just when I start to get really into relaxation mode I find myself back at work. May I make a recommendation to whoever controls the days of the week. Might I suggest a two day work week and a five day weekend. I'll just let you chew on that for a while... mmkay.

Oh and my apologies to anyone I may have bothered Friday night whilst 'tipsy texting'. I was drowning my sorrows about my pooch in a bottle of chardonnay and well my phone was nearby so..yeah if I had your number you were most likely a lucky recipient. Good times.

Oh my pooch, my poor pooch. He has cancer. We're exploring treatment options but unfortunately none of them are that great. Surgery may not get all of his small nerf football sized tumor. Chemo and radiation are pricey and may be too taxing for him at his advanced age. It sucks. Fucking cancer.

But the hubs is good (and has quit smoking!! Praise the lord for Chantix even if it does make you have crazy ass dreams), the kids are good (more stories on their craziness later on) and I'm tired but good.

So there you have it. I'm back .

Missed you my little lovelies!

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Shana said...

I'm sorry to hear about your beloved pooch. I'll keep you (and him) in my thoughts.

MichaƩle said...

You are the third person I have heard of lately whose furbaby has cancer. I'm SO sorry. A couple of years ago, I lost both of my dogs in the same little girl Doberman blew a heart valve and my boy Doberman was so heartbroken that his heart literally gave out three weeks later.....I was never so sad in my life.

Sorry....I really did mean to commiserate and not depress! Hope your baby dog is doing better and that you are too.

Ann(ie) said...

8( Cancer can suck it. ug. I'm sorry, love.

YAY for hubby, though!!! Chantix is truly the poop.

And while we're at it Monday can suck it, too. I miss my 4-10's SOOOOO bad right now. Two day weekends can bite me.

I'm beginning to see a pattern cheerful ass is gonna sign off now....8).

Whiskeymarie said...

The furry turd factories are sending good kitty vibes your pooch's way. Pooter said to hug him for her.

I love your drunky texting. Send more.

CDP said...

I'm sorry to hear about your pooch. Hope everything else is OK.

Virtualsprite said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. Cancer sucks, in people and in pooches.

Yay for your husband, though!

Butrfly Garden said...

i'm so sorry about your pup, wm! you guys are in my thoughts.

And good for your hubs! It's a nasty habit that he will soon be judging many for. ;)