Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Resuscitation of WWYDW

I have issues with commitment. At least when it comes to my blog.

You see I can not commit to a regular feature.

Hence the reason What Would you Do Wednesday (WWYDW) went on hiatus.

Oh, sure, it seemed like a grand idea at first and I was geniunely interested in how others would handle certain ethical dilemmas. But then I was faced with my own dilemma.

Do I really want to commit myself to posting every Wednesday ?

There is that little matter of work for pay and the fact that ,well, I don't get nearly as much done when I add having to post regularly into the mix.

But, as I don't like to be labeled a quitter, I'm reviving WWYDW (uh, on occasional Wednesdays when I feel the urge,that is)

In the last installment, I'd asked what would you do if:

You worked with someone that repeatedly embellishes stories. Initially, you think it’s harmless enough. But as it continues you realize she’s (or he) is positioning herself (or himself) to look good to the boss and go for the promotion you wanted.

Thanks to those that responded and because I think it's only fair here's what I'd do:

I would most likely do nothing unless I really, really, really wanted the job. If I couldn't live unless I got that particular job, I'd then be forced to sit that co-worker down and have a come-to-Jeezus-meeting, in which I laid it all out there. Sure I'd be a ball of nerves doing it but I'd force myself to because contrary to popular belief I work hard. And to let some skeez lie her way in to my promotion. Eh-Eh. Not havin it.

So now you know.

And what I'd like now is for you to tell me something...

You're a SAHM/D (Stay-at-home-mom or dad). Aside from a few after school part time jobs you've never really joined the workforce and frankly compared to your spouse/significant other you have far less marketable skills as far as most employers are concerned.
One day your spouse sits you down and tells you s/he has been laid off. Through tears s/he tells you how s/he feels like a complete failure but knows that s/he can count on you for support. Your spouse then asks you if you'd consider getting employment and allowing him/her to stay home.

What would you do ?


Mommy said...

Wow, that is really specific and kind of scary question. Both hubby and I have marketable skills...I guess it would depend on how old the kids where, what I would be doing, and why s/he asked now.

Maybe that is what Brittany Spears and K-Fed have been discussing lately? ;)

Angie said...

i don't think i'd let he/she off the hook. especially if he was the one with the more marketable job skills and could make a lot more than me. i would probably offer to work part time and ask him to work part time as well. while working part time, i would expect him to be actively seeking out his next full time employment opportunity. i would expect this to happen within six months. because i'm a hard-ass like that. ; )

Naarski (the Mrs.) said...

I'd like to say that I know exactly what I would do-I would go get a job in retail or actually anywhere I could. But what would I do w/ the kids? Send them to daycare? That costs $, leave w/ family? I don't have any here. Realistically I would have to be an encourager and also helo my hubby w/ his job search. Here is how: Give him one day of downtime, then make sure he treats his job search like a job. I would make sure my hubby's resume would be up to date. If my job is being at home taking care of the kids, his job is providing for the family. The thought of my hubby being down is scary, but the thought of us financially struggling again would whip my mind into brianstorming of how to get that lost income back.

doozie said...

Dude....I've been a SAHM 4 years straight after Walter was birthed. I did not get the credit one should get for how tough it is to be home with a kid every freaking day. It is a never ending job. 24/7.

If my husband said that? I'd say, ABSOFREAKIN LUTELY. I would go apply at Walmart, or maybe even one of those espresso stands, I hear they make good money. THEN I would remind him the stipulation is this...If i'm working full time, he needs to do exactly what I did as a SAHM and remember ;this: just cause it's 5 oclock doesn't mean you are off duty.

Then I'd enjoy the heck out of working and sit back and just basque in his misery because I know it would NOT LAST LONG UNTIL HE WAS BEGGING TO GO BACK TO WORK

Butrfly Garden said...

Now that I read this after the latest post, I think the lack of answers could be from the lack of people who can relate enough to answer.

Mike and I both work and we both have to in order to make all our bills. We've both always known that we would do whatever it took - even if that was working at wal-mart - if we had to.

So I guess my answer would be that yes, I'd do it. I'd hope that he would be trying to find a job, too, though.

Although (cue the long comment), when I worked at Payless, I got an employee who was from Pakistan. She and her family moved here and were looking for work. Her husband was some kind of "career" man - I don't remember what he did, but he couldn't find work. So they lived in a hotel and then a tiny apartment while she worked part-time at payless. I believe she still had all her household duties. He refused to take any job that was "betneath him" and his "skills."

I went in there a year after I left the company and she was STILL working there. Maybe she kept it because she liked it, but I have a feeling they all just got comfortable on her pay.

I'm glad to know that Mike would never pull that crap - he'd always do what he could to make sure we were both putting our 100% into the relationship.

Lollie said...

My answer would be eff-to-the-no. He can make WAAAAAAAAAY more money than I can. I'd tell him to take a good long break to recoup and we'd buckle down on spending our savings, but then he'd have to hit the pavement. I'd also take a job to make ends meet if he needed to downgrade a bit, but what I currently make compared to him is peanuts. So much so that I'm comfortably leaving my job when the babens comes.

Virtualsprite said...

Wow... tough one. I think I would take a good hard look at the job market, see what was available for both of us, see who could get a job first and go from there. Who ever is more employable would have to suck it up and work. In this economy, you have to take what you can get.

(I'm so glad I'm the primary breadwinner. So glad!)

Queen of the Mayhem said...

That's a tough one......I would probably consider it....if it were reasonable for me to get a job that would pay our bills.

Otherwise....I would tell him to get to hunting (for the next job...that is!) :)

Not Afraid to Use It said...

I would totally do it. My hubbie is AMAZING with the kids, and he almost WAS a SAHD because he didn't have a job up until 2 months before our first was born.

That being said, his job-type is much better paying than mine. But, if that is the route he wanted/needed to go, I'd do it.

MommasWorld said...

I would explain the salary difference if there is one. If there is one then make up a cut back list and a budget to see if it is really feesible.

Also, what is expected like - Magic fairies do not do the laundry, feed the kids, constantly clean up after the kids, walk the dog, take out the trash, run the millions of errands that can only be taken care of during the day time when normal people are at work, take the car in for tune ups and such then pick it up. Entertain children for hours on end while including educational material. Then give them the BIG list of daily, weekly and monthly items that must be taken care of by the person who stays home.

This is the MOST IMPORTANT ITEM OF ALL! If they do find such Magical Fairies they are not to allow them in the house! They must promptly be sent to Momma’s World! he.he.he.

Brillig said...

Well, our family would take a huge financial hit. See, I AM a SAHM with pretty much no marketable skills. Sure, I've worked before and I could work again, but I could never land a job that makes decent money. Plus, I'd question his motivation. Does he want to stay home because he thinks it's easier and he wants a break? Then YEAH! Try it, buddy, and see how easy it is! Does he think that sitting around at home and not accomplishing his dreams would make him feel like less of a failure? Clearly it wouldn't. But if he really feels that it would be the best thing for our family, for reasons totally unimaginable to me, then we'd have to talk about it and I'd definitely consider it.

Now, if he were injured or sick or something, I'd TOTALLY do it, in a heartbeat.