Monday, May 12, 2008


Comments 6 , 26 & 28 : Not Afraid to Use It ,Lilith Silvermane & Shelly

Hey y'all...look right up there. Do you see your name ?

Cool, that means you'll be receiving a code for a free box of personalized fruit roll ups and a coupon for Yoplait Kids Yogurt.

And for those that didn't win but would still like to try out the personalized fruit rollups simply use code "Bloggy8" at the checkout for an $8 discount. Nifty, huh ?

Now then, speaking of winners I was recently a winner too. And let me tell you this contest was by far the coolest ever !

What did I win you ask ? A $100 donation to the charity of my choosing.

You see Amy has decided to donate her entire 2008 tax rebate check and has devoted an entire blog to it.

The idea for Give It Away is a simple one. I am encouraging people to give their 2008 tax rebates away as soon as the checks hit the mailbox. I don't have an agenda about who you should give to, and I don't want anyone to give through me. I just hope people will give where they see a need.

So thanks to her generosity Doctors Without Borders received $100 in my name.

Incredible , right ? Yep I thought so too.

I'm truly in awe of her magnanimity...perhaps I could stand to learn a lesson or two.


Lilith Silvermane said...

Thank you so much for the items. My daughter will be so surprised at continuation when I pass these out!!! I am really excited to support her like this.

What a great giveaway you won! I would probably donate the money to an adoption agency here in Denver, or an organization that I know of that works with some of the homeless kids in the area, helping feed them and take them on trips, so they have a better life! I'm glad she is giving away such a wonderful gift and that you chose a worthy organization!

Take care, and I'll come back and visit ya! I love your blog banner BTW.. it's adorable, I'm in need of a one, my blog is a little drab!

Lunch time!

doozie said...

uhhh..yeah I'll be sure to donate which will enable me to fulfill my lifelong fantasy of living in a van down by the river ;)

Virtualsprite said...

Wow... so much generosity! It is so wonderful that there are such people in the world.