Monday, March 3, 2008

This Post brought to you by the letter Pee

Wanting to enjoy the mini glimpses of sun yesterday, the WM family walked to a nearby park to enjoy a mini hike.

The twins, B & J took turns being the leader as hubby and I followed with our schizoid mutt, Buzz in tow. They were so excited that at times I had to break in to a jog just to keep up with them. Each time that happened, I expected to see hubby and Buzz not far behind, but one time I noticed hubby had stopped a few feet back. I called to the kids and asked them to turn around because Daddy had stopped.

Wondering what hubby, who had his back turned to me, was looking at so intently I called to him "Whatcha lookin at?"

"Well there aren't any frogs over here" he says in an oddly exaggerated voice.

Huh, I thought...we hadn't been looking at or for frogs. What is he... ?

B, hearing the word frogs had gotten so excited he ran to his Daddy and was then able to answer that question for me, "Daddy, are you peeing?" my son asked.

All I could think was he's so going to get caught. Why couldn't he have waited until we got back home ?
My thoughts were interrupted when a woman and her dog appeared. They were walking on another trail a few feet away and fortunately headed off in another direction.

But that close call got me to worrying. "C'mon guys...lets get going" I urged my hubby and son.

My words fell on deaf ears as hubby was busy asking B, "Do you want to water the plants too buddy?"

My daugther J and I started walking but then stopped as my husband said "Wait up, B's trying to water the plants Daddy" his chest swelling with pride.

So my little 4 1/2 year old hiked down his pants and started to go.

"Look, Mommy,I'm watering the plants" he said. Once he'd finished he hiked up his pants and slapped his dad's raised hand in a high five.

"Yeah" they both exclaim.

I rolled my eyes ...

The testosterone was so thick you could choke on it.

Aah yes,it moments like this that make me so pleased in my choice of a life Partner.


Queen of the Mayhem said...

What IS it with males and "adventure tee-teeing"? My son does not grasp the concept of ONLY doing it in our back yard. He has done it in the front yard, at the ballpark, Oh and lest we forget the time he attempted to do it in the ONE grassy spot at the Outlet Mall!

I share you P pain! :)

Groovy Mom said...

LOL! Little boys! Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

Peeing outdoors - only men would find a bonding experience in that :)

Life As I Know It said...

What is it with boys? I live with 3 of them and they all find humor in the same peeing together.

CDP said...

I also live with 3 of them, and their ability to pee anywhere is a source of great pride.

~JJ! said...

Simply Charming...aren't they?


Although there have been times when I wish I could've done that.

MommasWorld said...

That is hillarious!

My son did the same thing. Problem was he did it the front yard...but he wasn't watering the plants that time. He was Fertilizing them! Mommy quickly put an end to doing the plants a favor.

Sornie said...

Peeing is a father-son bonding thing. Trust me on this.

Virtualsprite said...

Yeah... Sornie's right. Nature Boy's proudest moment was when the Ubergoober successfully executed a "nature pee" in the backyard. And Ty actually looks forward to our septic system not working so he has a reason to pee outside!

But we live in the country. Not in a civilized area, so I imagine it's far less embarrassing for me.

Worker Mommy said... problem. Public park ? Just a smidge of a problem.

Jerseygirl89 said...

Hubby loves adventure peeing but what really traumatizes me is that I just found out my oh-so-reserved father also enjoys it. Must be on the Y chromosome.

Sugar Kane said...

I was hoping this was something he would out grow!

slackermommy said...

Men! They certainly are a different breed.

Mommy said...

Can you imagine if he decides to water the indoor plants?

Reluctant Housewife said...

My husband and son call that activity "Johny Woods". Because bathrooms are sometimes called Johns. It's their own little code-phrase. "Watering the plants" works too.