Monday, March 24, 2008

All "horn"ed up and the wrong place to go

On the way in to work, as I stood at the crosswalk waiting for the light to change, I happen to notice the latest David Beckham Armani ad on the side of a bus.

Now, I'm not normally the kind of gal who salivates at the sight of every good looking man she sees. I mean, sure I can appreciate a good looking man, but it doesn't cause me to go all stereotypically "construction worker" and hoot and holler and whistle. This instance was different though, I actually did wanted to hoot and holler.
I was unable to take my eyes off of this photo. Honestly, it was really doing things for me. I mean I literally felt like I was in heat.
I continued to stare thinking such crass things as "what I wouldn't give for a few minutes with him" and other things which...well which I probably shouldn't mention here.
I was mentally drooling, when the light changed and the bus turned the corner. For an instant I wasnt sure what to do. I shuddered as if to try and shake off these univited feelings. Recovering only slightly I quickly crossed the street before the don't walk sign appeared.
On the other side of the street I thought for a second "what the hell just happened" in semi disbelief that a picture of a man had this effect on me.

But as I am now officially in my mid 30's, perhaps the old body chemistry is changing. And maybe, just maybe my hormones are no longer betraying me. Maybe the days of raging bitch-itis two weeks pre Aunt Flo (AF) are gone in favor of these new more,uh,pleasant feelings.

Could it actually be? YIPPEE, hubby will be ecstatic!

But then my excitement was put on pause as I thought about the timing of all this. What if it continues to happen in the morning... on the way to work. Can you imagine getting incredibly horny several days a week on the way in to WORK.

Maybe this isn't such a good thing. Dammit, I hormones do continue to betray me.

Can't a girl catch a break ? *sigh*


Groovy Mom said...

I had to google the object of your desire to see what all the fuss was about. (I know, I live under a rock.) I must say, you have very good taste!

Yeah, hormones are fun when they work in your favor, but I find my peak time is the middle of the afternoon, while my husband is at work. He's probably sick of getting, "I'm horny" text messages when there's absolutely nothing he can do about it. :-P

cathouse teri said...

In the morning, when my boyfriend is just arriving at work, I sometimes call him and tell him to tell his boss he has to go because he left something turned on at home!

Alex Elliot said...

Now I have to check out this ad!

Ann(ie) said...

David Beckham is YUMMY! Sadly, I can't relate right now. I'm in babyzilla mode and I'm bossy and demanding. It's not terribly enjoyable for hubby, I'm sure. But, I'm on a mission. ;)
How romantic, eh? hehe.

Jerseygirl89 said...

I used to hate David Beckham. He and Posh just annoyed the hell out of me. Now I still hate Posh, but since David made that ad my feelings for him have . . .um. . .evolved.

Maureen said...

Ha! Talk about dangerous advertising!

Virtualsprite said...

I haven't seen the ad, but I want to ... oh, lord I want to.

Yeah... my hormones are like that, too. I usually call Nature Boy to have him talk dirty to me and he'll always say something like, "Sheetrock."

Yep... because construction workers are dirty. Really dirty.

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

famous people/pictures of hot guys have never done it for me, and i've always felt like a weird minority because of it...

wonder if this will happen to me in a couple of years? i'd be fine with it as long as it didn't happen on my way to work...that would suck! ; )

Biddy said...

funny...i get the same feelings when i see pictures of george strait and matthew mccaunahoweveryouspellit

and yeah, i'm glad i'm not the only one that gets all horned up right before aunt flow...that bitch

Butrfly Garden said...

Mike would be a much happier man if my "special out of nowhere feelings" came when I was home with him and not at stupid times like on my way to work. (Yeah, me too...but I'm usually driving.)

Queen of Shake-Shake said...

This happens to me always when I'm ovulating. And always around 2-3 in the afternoon, when hubs is at work. Lot of good then, huh?

Lollie said...

But aren't we all grateful that billboards don't have audio? Cause, umm, sexed-up thoughts clash when you add a munchkin voice to that mix.