Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Sometimes things do work in my Favor

Beginning this Friday, the WDOT is closing down several lanes of I-5 for 19 days while they do repairs. I haven't bothered to investigate why this work couldn't be done during the early morning hours when we working folk aren't in the midst of our commute because I have to believe they know what they are doing and aren't about to cause the worst traffic delays in the history of (wo)man for no reason.

Herein lies my dilemma. I live South of Seattle and while I don't get on I-5 for my 30 mile commute to Seattle I imagine my little back roads will now be cluttered with the commuters that are avoiding the I-5 madness. What to do ?

As I started to get very frantic and want to quit my job for the 750th time since I had kids my boss flew in with her superwoman cape and told me I was welcome to work from home and/or adjust my schedule accordingly.

What tha ? Did she just say I could work from home ?

"Ok, I'd appreciate that" I said calmly but as soon as she left I closed my door and did a jig!

Whoot! Does she know what she just did ?

19 day party at the Worker Mommy Estate. I'll provide jello shots.

Who's with me ?


Lene said...


That is wonderful! Is this just till the roadway is fixed or for good?

MommasWorld said...


You must have a great boss. My boss was really nice but did not give me the option of telecommuting. No way was I going to make all those out of country calls on my personal phone. Anyway, he came up with a plan�I would work from 5am - 2pm. Leaving work at 2pm and missing all the rush hour traffic in DC was great. However, getting up at 3 am and out of the house by 4am was a real kick in the head. I found a new job shortly after.

I will supply the Margaritas!

steph! said...

Hi WorkerMommy - I've been lurking here lately...found you through the Queen. Now that you've offered jello shots I felt that I should at least introduce myself before showing up unannounced...

That is very cool - hopefully the road construction will take a lot longer than scheduled!

T with Honey said...

That's awesome! I get to do that when Princess can't go to day care but my current employer sees telecommuting as something that should be done as a rare exception. I think they would actually prefer that people use paid time off instead, even if they usually get more done at home than if they were at the office. That's usually the case for me even when I'm entertaining a sick 2 year old.

Don't do too many jello shooters, you very lucky telecommuter!

Whiskeymarie said...

I would totally bring the shots if I didn't live halfway across the country.
Have one or six for me.

Lollie said...

Oh yeah.
You can work in your p-jays.
You can work in your bed head.
You can work in your undies.
You can work in your bad breath.
You can work in your bed.
Or you can do all of the above at once if you like!

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

awesome! my boss just recently offered for me to work a day or two from home so that i can do a new project without being distracted.

i tried to play it cool, too...but inside i was dancing!


Anonymous said...

Good job on getting your boss to let you do that! I'm jealous. :-)

And FYI, if they did the construction only during the off-hours or at night, the project would last FOREVER.

Oh, The Joys said...

Having just come from Seattle, I have to say... y'all's traffic just ain't no good. (Like my city is better, not.)

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

I'm always up for jello shotS!!! I'm so there!

Fourier Analyst said...

I offer up a mean guacomole with corn chips to much on at the party! Congrats! I used to market mobile datacommunications 12+ years ago when no one had really heard of telecommuting. It was a hard sell but the killer argument that would make the sale was my presentation on productivity. Just make sure you do get some work done so that bosslady will be positively inclined to let you do this again in the future! Maybe 1-2 times a week?!

Butrfly4404 said...

I am absolutely GREEN with envy, girl!

I know I'm going to sound like a real killjoy here, but if you don't party, but instead become MORE productive, you could use this experience to push for flex scheduling in the future. That would totally rawk.

I've wanted to push for flex scheduling since I moved, but can't because my design program is insanely expensive and one of my customers falls into government regulations...which means it's top secret hehehe.

But I would TOTALLY work in your pj's! When else do you get to do THAT!?

Anonymous said...

Wheee... I am excited for you. Cool Beans!

Worker Mommy said...

Hi Steph - How positively polite of you. Welcome! But just between you and I I would have let you in anyway *wink*.

Ok, Ok I guess I will be doing some work. When I was pregnant and on bedrest they also allowed me to work from home and I showed them how productive I could be even while extremely irritable and hugely pregnant. Which I'm sure is why the offer is being extended now. Believe it or not I don't party all the time. Maybe just 90% of it :)

Absolutely Bananas said...

LOL JELLO SHOTS!? love it.

Omaha Mama said...

That is so cool - can't wait for stories of how that all works out!

jennifercarol said...

Could I get some of those jello shots to go, as I'm afraid I'm going to be stuck on the road in that big ugly mess of a back-up!

Ann(ie) said...! I want to be you. I have to drop the boy off at daycare at 5:45 a.m. for three weeks in hopes of surviving this lovliness. Might I stop by for Jello shots on the way too and from work and maybe even on my lunch hour???? Lord knows I'll need em. feh.

Maureen said...


Chaos Contrll said...


I'd love one of those jello shots ... do you put the gummy bears in yours??

Cherann said...

I'm with ya...but just a note to the's hard to get work done when there are kids around.

I tried to work from home (it's just too hard unless ... you're still sending them to day care!!!)