Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Pimpin' my daughter for Coffee

Kellie,Kellie,Kellie what are you thinking?

Yes, it's another post in which I feature a news story . But this one is different. I know this woman. She is the ex-wife of one of hubby's good friends and someone I've spent time with.

I'll give, Kellie credit for being an entrepreneur and doing something to jump start her business that wasn't initially succeeding. As a 36 year old woman she's entitled to wear lingerie while serving coffee. If that's what she chooses to do. She's an adult. Key word adult. She can make her own decisions. What disturbs me is the fact that she features her 16 year old daughter ,in provocative clothing, on the signs advertising her business and has her daughter selling coffee clad only in her bikini.
I've heard Kellie comment that "it's nothing different then what she wears to the beach". Perhaps not. But the circumstances under which her daughter appears in her bikini make all the difference in the world.
Adorning your 16 year old in her beach attire to sell a product and/or entice customers is objectifying her and sexualizing her for the purposes of your own profit.
I have to wonder if she truly thought this out.

I'm half tempted to head there today, even though I haven't seen her in several years and shake the piss out of her and ask her what her motivation was.

Because I really gotta now, what on earth would cause you to pimp your daughter out for coffee?


Brillig said...

Um... YIKES! I hope you do go in there and talk with her. Seriously. I'm dying to know how such a thing is okay in her mind.

Butrfly4404 said...

You know, whenever I get worked up about stuff like this*, I have to ask myself: Am I really offended, or am I just jealous?

*Stuff like this, being a WOMAN in a bikini. I completely agree that she is basically selling her daughter's body and I wholeheartedly think that is the WRONG thing to teach the girl about business. She really is basically a prostitute for her mom's coffee. And that is really sad. I will NEVER (MARK MY WORDS) suggust my daughter use her body to get what she wants - even though I know I am no saint and know how *well* that works.

But when it comes down to the paralegal or whoever that was complaining to the police, she can just NOT go there. If that sign was as bad as they get, then I don't think anyone should be on their case. There are hot girls in bikinis and lingerie EVERYWHERE - on TV, magazines, all over the web - and even outside in the real world. THAT girl really needs to get over it.

Chaos Control said...

I agree with you ... on the one hand, hats off to this woman to taking a chance that seems to be paying off. But on the other hand, what the hell is she thinking getting her own daughter involved??
That part of the equation is just plain wrong.

moosh in indy. said...

I'm judging. Sorry, maybe there's more to the story? I agree with butrfly from top to bottom.

Anonymous said...

It does seem a bit inappropriate be it her daughter or someone elses. I guess there's one of her behind lots of these ad's and more than likely those ones are moms too. As a mom, and career person, it is really sad that you don't understand the need to keep from using sexual implications to sell stuff..that is what is keeping us where we are in the media etc...I've made no sense...I'm senseless.....

Omaha Mama said...

I think it's silly that people who weren't getting coffee there before are now going there to get it? What else are they thinking they're going to get? That coffee stand is way too small for that kind of business!

I'm wondering what the dad thinks. And also, why that girl has to work so much! Maybe she should just be at the beach.

Fourier Analyst said...

Another for the category of "What in blazes was she thinking...?" There are so many of these lately it seems. (sigh)

Butrfly4404 said...

omaha mama - hahahahah!

"That coffee stand is way too small for that kind of business!"


Worker Mommy said...

Moosh & Butrfly - I'm not at all taking issue with Kellie's right to serve coffee in whatever she would like as I mentioned. In fact more power to her. She's an adult. Agreed that anyone who doesn't like it can go elsewhere. Her rights as an adult were not my point.
My confusion is in her choice to involve her 16 year old daughter. One of the signs depicts her 16 year old in short shorts and cropped top sucking on a lollipop. Very provocative and clearly done to entice customers and sell lattes. That part boggles my mind!

JahFreedom64 said...

It must be a Northwest thing to worry because we Floridians have been pimping daughters for generations in the name of commerce. Very few beach side stands would operate without 16-19 year old girls wearing moderately revealing clothing (and the pictures indicated relative modesty by my local standards) to sell whatever product is offered. More often ice cream and surf wear than espresso, but the idea of teens working in a family business should be encouraged. Why not celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit of this woman and her potential heir?
And how is her "uniform" radically different than her peers selling car washes as fund raisers?
Jahf- poorly paid laborer in a family business 1977-85

Worker Mommy said...

Yes, agreed that teens working in the family business should be encouraged. I think it is important to teach our children a good work ethic.
My question is this, as intelligent women why can we not come up with more creative ways of selling our products than objectifying our minor children.

As a mom asking my daughter to wear provocative clothing in the name of business is in very bad taste. Why would I want to put my daughter on display for people/men to oogle.
The same goes for a car wash. Why not wear shorts and a tank top. I'm not a prude but having my daughter sport revealing provocative clothing to sell something just seems wrong.

JahFreedom64 said...

Non-profit workers must rank up high on the scale of what should be....vs what really is!
You have hit on the question that I wish more marketers would ask, but I'm afraid the answer is nothing sells products better than sex, and nothing is sexier than a 16-19 y/o in a bikini.
I'm hoping we can change the message as a father to a tween getting heavy message about sexuality from our commercial culture, but not an optimist.

Cherann said...

Who'd want their 16 year old daughter working in a Hooters type environment? Who knows what kind of perv is stalking her now??!!?!?!