Thursday, August 2, 2007

Um, Are you gonna Stalk us Now ?

Last week I emailed a woman about some cute items I'd found on Craigslist for J. She said she had some out of town company coming and that she was sorry she wouldn't be available for me to come and pick them up until Monday.

Fine, I emailed. I was in no hurry and told her Wednesday would be ideal for me. She was fine with that and gave me her address. Great, I emailed back. I'll see you then. Wednesday after work, the twins and I drove to her house and knocked on the door.

"Can I help you?" she asked.

"Oh yes, I'm WM and I emailed about the butterfly hooks"

"Oh yes" she said, "Just a sec and I'll go grab them"

She reappeared with the hooks I handed over the cash,thanked her and headed towards my car. But then it began. The incessant talking. And that's saying a lot for me because I am a self confessed chatty Cathy. But the difference between her and I is that I try and be in tuned to people's body language and facial expressions and thus know when to shut the hell up.
But not her.
She told me all about her elderly constipated dog, her homeschooled children and the fact that she homeschooled them because there were little boys calling the girls "women" at the public school they were attending.

"I mean I wouldn't want to be called that,"she said "At least not in the way they meant it"

So as I'm trying to figure out how the word woman or women can be used derogatorily she's moved on to how her kids know how to socialize with all ages and how they spent their day at the lake, and that she has a playground in her back yard and we can sit on the porch and have coffee while the kids played together.

You know I'm all for play dates and meeting new friends but typically I like to have just a few things in common with someone before I start committing to play dates and hanging out for coffee. And we'd really not had the opportunity to talk about much. I mean I didn't anyway.

The whole time I'm trying to make my escape she just kept chattering on about her garden, her bushes and all the landscaping she'd done and I'm thinking damn my kids haven't had dinner yet. So I call to them and of course they don't want to go because the "older girl and boy have a Lightening Mcqueen skateboard and a scooter." But,after much convincing I finally got them to say their goodbyes and was able to make my escape.

But then this morning , I come in to this email:

It was so nice meeting you and your twins today (J and B, right?). They are so cute :) Maybe we could find a time in the next couple weeks to get together and let the kids play. Here, your house or even a park somewhere or even at the lake. I'm glad J liked the butterfly hooks. Now my girls are bugging me to get their new hooks up (they needed more space). Anyway, have a great evening. Hope to see you again soon.

Sure the email was nice but I really want to cut her off at the pass. I'm pretty sure I'd rather scratch my eyeballs out then spend the afternoon with her listening to her go on and on and on and on. I told her we were very busy this month but perhaps next month. I didn't want to be a total bitch but I also didn't want to encourage her.

So I just have to hope that between now and then she'll get an email from some other unsuspecting victim person wanting to buy some of her stuff and then she'll have a new BFF to talk about her constipated dog with and I'll be off the hook.


Butrfly4404 said...

Aw, she sounds so lonely! That really doesn't excuse the almost aggressive friendliness, but it would sure explain it. And not just because she kept talking. My step-dad is one of those who doesn't realize when the person he's talking to isn't interested. I ignored him for like three months and he never even realized it!! Anyway, the creepiness comes from her wanting to meet you again after picking something up. That's kind of like asking the UPS person to come hang out after work.

To tell you the truth, I wouldn't have responded to the first email. Probably cold, but you won't have to explain yourself, hopefully, ever.

Did you ever read about the time I used Craislist?

Absolutely Bananas said...

eww, that sounds totally awkward. It's sad, but when people are too needy it always makes you wonder what's wrong with them, because obviously SOMETHING must be, or why would they be trying so hard to be friends with you? Sounds like you handled it very nicely.

Queen Heather said...

Wow. You're much nicer than me...i would have just deleted the email.

Too bad you aren't from south alabama...i know just the playgroup I could have directed her towards.

Suburban Oblivion said...

Eeeeek, I've known people like that before. They are so emotionally needy it's overwhelming. Stay far, FAR away from her!!!

Anonymous said...

She sounds desperate fro company!!!

It's hard when you would like to be friendly but you know something is 'up' with the other person...

Break free Willy.

Whiskeymarie said...

I'm convinces a lot of people put things for sale on Craig's list just because they're lonely.
It's kind of sad really.
If it helps, this sort of thing happens to me all the time. I think I have "weirdo magnet" tattooed on my forehead, and only true weirdos can see it.

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

Yikes. I mean, I kinda feel sorry for her. It sounds like she's social inept and needy, but geez, I'd have probably just deleted the email.

Good luck with your stalker.

MommasWorld said...

It's sometimes difficult to get away from someone when they are trying so hard to be nice. You just know deep down they would cling to you like wet underwear.

I think you did the right thing and in a nice way.

Smiling Mom said...

I hope you didn't tell her where you lived! She'd be over with baked goods soon. :-)

Lollie said...

If you really need an out, tell her you rented the kids and the hooks were for your boyfriend's motorcycle, you just didn't want to "seem weird."

She'll stop emailing in a hurry.

~Jennifer said...

LOL! I find myself wanting to make excuses for her because she's a homeschooler, and so am I, and well, she's makin' us look bad. I want to say, "Well, homeschoolers get used to making friends quick because we need to network a lot to share resources, yada yada yada," but I have never in all my life acted that way with someone I've just met. I think she's just weird. ;-)

Anonymous said...

oh lordy, she uses craigslist to bait in new victims. She must be one lonely sahm. fast and far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Southern Fried Mom said...

I think I know her....heh heh. Let me know if she keeps pursuing you, and I'll give you an e-mail for the perfect "pen pal"--sounds like they were separated at birth!

Sugar Kane said...

I feel for you! I'm the WORST small talker ever. Nervous rambling makes me crazy. Add in the needy aspect and I would be suicidal.

Rebecca said...

oooh - hope you get away with the 'maybe next month' excuse. It's horrid trying to back away from someone who really wants to be your friend when you're simply not interested.

Maureen said...

You'll be off the hook; butterfly hook, that is....

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Cherann said...

I actually feel kind of bad for her. She's probably just lonely. Or maybe you're just so friendly and outgoing that she really wants to hang out with you.

Worker Mommy said...

Cherann - Yeah, I felt bad too which is why I didn't totally shoot her down when she sent the email. But I have since got a second one and think I may need to shut her down. and with the quickness!