Friday, August 21, 2009

Sometimes it's great to let others do your work for you

First off, forgive me readers for I have sinned.

My apologies to y'all for making commenting ridiculously hard over the last month or so. I thought I was doing a good thing trying to enable Comment luv for Blogger. I suppose that's what I get for thinking. The comment plugin required to enable it was basically a bastard of a plug-in and only served to make things harder for you and for me. So I've said my hail marys and deleted that sucker. Am I forgiven?

Secondly...busy doesn't even begin to explain my life at this moment. I have but two words. System conversion (at work) and ok that's technically 4 but anyway 'nuff said. Talking about it too much makes me feel all kinds of stabby w/a side order of head exploding.

Thirdly...because I can't function well enough to put together a post about the fun parts of my life. You know the stuff I like writing about. I give you this:

And for those of you that are all: You expect me to read all that ??? I will give you the abbreviated version of this long ass email I just received. It's about a new Iphone app called KegelTopia. Yup , it's an Iphone app for Kegel exercises. I'm still not entirely sure it's not a joke.

Now then, enjoy , have fun, and I'll holler atcha again when I can....


Hi –
Hope you’re doing well. I just wanted to flag a new iPhone application for you. Today, iTactility announced the launch of the KegelTopia application for iPhone and iPod touch. The full press release is below, but in short, the new app lets users select Kegel workouts to practice and allows them to track their progress over time.
Please let me know if you would like to review a copy of this app or speak to someone about it. Additionally, a short video demo is available at
(c) 202-xxx-xxxx

August 21, 2009 at 10:30am PDT

KegelTopia Launched in iPhone App Store
New exercise application helps new mothers get back in shape

August 21, 2009 – San Francisco, CA – iTactility, has today launched a new application, KegelTopia, through the iPhone App Store. This new interactive application is intended primarily for expectant and new mothers as a way to strengthen muscles prior to and after childbirth. The application provides a variety of exercise types, however, that should appeal to a broader audience of women hoping to strengthen a core set of muscle groups.
Kegel exercises have long been acknowledged as an effective way to rebuild pelvic floor muscles. The KegelTopia application offers a series of exercises narrated by a yoga instructor at various time intervals, making the exercises simple to do whether at home or elsewhere. Also developed to track your progress over time in terms of time intervals, the application makes tracking regular Kegel exercises easy and motivating.
KegelTopia features:
· Tutorial with audio content
· Audio exercise instructions delivered by a professional yoga instructor
· 3 types of pelvic floor exercises to address different aspects of muscle conditioning (Mini, 3 Second Hold and Elevator intervals)
· Interactive “Freestyle” exercise with contraction tracker records progress
· Preset timer for exercises
· Comprehensive history view to quickly assess overall progress (over various date ranges)

The KegelTopia application was inspired by a new mother after speaking with her doctor about exercises critical to improving her physical health after pregnancy. Developed in conjunction with a professional yoga instructor, KegelTopia is the most comprehensive Kegel exercise application for the iPhone and iPod touch. Available now at the iPhone App Store for US$4.99.

Media Contact
Oona Rokyta
Twitter - @o****ta


Dumblond said...

Ummm...How in the hell are they going to help you keep track of how well you are doing? Does it come with a peripheral to insert and measure how tight you clench?
Oh damn. Sorry for that visual...

Elisa, The Unlikely Housewife said...

You.Are.Shitting me. And I felt silly for downloading an app to track my period better.

Queen of the Mayhem said...'s important to keep that area.....*ahem* toned! LOL! I think you should keep a bog diary of your progress. The thought is both HIGHLY disturbing and HILARIOUS!

AppGrrrl said...

Hey, it's real! It looks pretty cool. It will track the number of contractions and how long you do the exercises. I don't want to end up like my mom (going to the bathroom every hour) when I'm older, so what the heck - I'll try it.

Mrs Soup said...

Ummmmm, I think I'll keep track of my own Kegels, thanks. That's not quite something I want someone playing with my iPhone to see....

That, and my Kegel exercises seem to be doing just fine without something tracking it.....

Debbie said...

Well now I have truly heard of everything!
And yes, you are forgiven:)

Alex Elliot said...

I like how's there's an auditory tutorial! Can you imagine "working out" while "working out" at the gym while listening to that! The next time someone is acting funny on a treadmill I'm going to know exactly what they're listening to!

Not Afraid to Use It said...

That nearly convinced me to buy an iPhone.

Mommy Lisa said...