Friday, September 11, 2009

Oh Hai...I are back. Sort of...

Ohmahgawd, hi! I'm alive. Didja miss me? First off I really didn't intend to be gone for so long but everytime I thought about posting

It could be because my children were supposed to have entered 1st grade about two weeks ago.

But they havent.

Our teachers have been striking and it's been weighing heavily on my mind. I support the teachers 100% but then am conflicted because I am angered that the strike continues. I just want my kids to be back in school. Their little minds and spirits are starving for that environment that only school can provide. Mainly I just wonder why the school district and the teachers association don't attempt to get this shit resolved earlier. I will not go in to it any further than what I have but suffice it to say it's a most sucky situation.

Then there is still the minderasing system conversion at work. It's gotten more nightmarish. But yeah, don't much wanna talk about that.

Then I had an "issue" with an evil hag at work with whom I'm making it my mission now to make miserable. Don't ask. But she deserves it. She went on a personal attack. And homey...don't playdat.

Oh lets see, there was the biopsy that my daughter had to have on a spot near her left ear.She handled it like a champ. Me not so much. They have assured me it's not cancerous..but yet they couldn't tell me for sure what it was until they biopsied it.

and then I took the plunge and signed up for Facebook. Or as a good friend calls it Crackbook. We all know with my addictive personality that kind of thing never ends well.

Oh and then I became a grandma...

Of a pillowgrandchild. My daughter married one of our couch pillows and had little throw pillow babies.

So as you can read, I've been busy. But I've missed you.

So tell me, what have I missed in your scintillating lives?


CDP said...

I wish that teachers' unions could find another way to negotiate other than striking. I would totally support a work action in which teachers could refuse to engage in any non-classroom related activity (dismissal, after school activities, etc.) but strikes, especially when they go on for a long time, do so much damage, and in large urban districts, it's the poor kids who suffer most when they're not in school. I hope it's settled soon.

Whiskeymarie said...

What is in the air lately that so many of us are blog-delinquent lately? Ugh.

I'm not on strike, but I kind of wish I was- I'd have more time to blog.

Virtualsprite said...

Wow... I thought things were bad here!

I'm on Facebook, too. Totally addicted. It's pathetic.

Mike said...

Yes, that strike's a bummer.

Just hopping. Hope you don't mind.

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glenda said...

When you get boared and dont post, I sneek over to
the pioneer woman cooks, and cook and cook,cause Im to lazey to do it on my own-- so now I just look at all her neet stuff, School lol dont get me startrd

Naarski (the Mrs.) said...

That strike is enraging given all the people out of jobs and of course the ruling against their strike, which they didn't listen to. Nice lesson for their students. I am glad the teachers graciously gave up their demands for a pay increase and went back to doing their jobs.
Ok, so I freaked out when you said you were going to be a grandma!!! Then of course lol'd when i saw what was being birthed.
I am praying for your daughter and the biopsy.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

Love the pillow marriage. Very cute. Glad to see you again.

All Adither said...

Cute! I like your style. And your banner.

Yes, Facebook is a total time suck. But is also wonderful. I've reconnected with so many people. My mom and I even play Scrabble, which is totally fun.