Monday, August 10, 2009

The next time I complain about my kids...stick this in my face

Returning home Saturday night after celebrating the hubby's birthday I walked in to ... a spotless house.

My stepdaughter, GT helped the twins clean their room and figure out which toys they wanted to donate and had them bagged and ready to go, she got down on her hands and knees scrubbed the kitchen floor and according to her the twins suggested steam cleaning the carpet in the family room and so they did.

And as if that wasn't enough they made up our bed and left candy in the shape of a heart on it.

I'm now starting a full on campaign for GT to come live with us full time because seriously I could really get use to this children-doing-lots-of-work-so-I don't-have-to-sparkly-house-thing.

Then this morning, a morning I was sure was going to be hellish because I had to get the kids up and ready at o'dark thirty, began with my son protecting me from the law. "Mom," he said "watch out because there's a police car over there ...d'ya see it" I could've kissed his face off at that moment...because protecting his speed demon mom, well that's nothing short of awesome.
Later on during the drive we spotted another police car and I remarked that we sure were seeing a lot of cop cars for that early in the morning to which my son said "They must be looking for donuts"

LOVE that kid.

The end.


Shana Baehr said...

Oh no way! That is one great step-daughter!

Elisa said...

wow, now that's a great way to end a week... and start a new one! Tell your step daughter that if she wants to take a trip to Switzerland she can stay here ;-)