Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I'm excited about some things. Other things...meh (or the ramblings of a neurotic mom about to send her kids to kindergarten)

In less than 3 weeks my babies will be entering kindergarten and I am freaking the eff out.

That's like real school, y'all. Not the protected environment of co-op preschool where the ratio was 1 adult for every three kids.

I can't help but worry.

How will my kids handle their first day? I take a bit of comfort in that they have one another but what if some bigger kid tries to bully the both of them.
How will they measure up ? Do they know as much as they're supposed to know ? Will they sit and listen or will they want to play rather then learn. Will they make lots of friends? Gawd, I can't take it. My head is exploding. Excuse me while I go pop some valium.

Cue soothing music...

What was I saying? Was something actually bothering me ? Eh, couldn't have been that important.


I'm looking so forward to shopping for school clothes. My daughter has inherited my love of clothes and shopping and we've both seen some of the most adorably hip clothes . I get excited just thinking about us strolling down the racks not realizing we've just picked up the same thing and showing it to each other while exclaiming "I know, it's sooo cute isn't it?".

My son takes after his dad in that he'd rather watch paint dry then shop for or try on clothes but that just means I can adorn my boy in whatever I want and he could care less. Does anyone know if Armani makes clothes for the kindergarten set ?
Buying school supplies is also doing it for me. I loved getting them as a little girl, and something about doing it for my own children now just makes me positively giddy. Oh what fun it will be to pack all their little stuff in their little backpacks the night before and then take tons of pictures the day of.

Uggh but then I, like, actually have to send them... to school.

Will they get lost ? Will they miss me? Will they cry? Will they like their teacher? Will they be overwhelmed in their new environment ?

*big, deep, long, sigh*

Ok commencing drawing knees into chest and rocking back and forth


Mike said...

Your son doesn't take after your hubby, he takes after ALL MEN!!!

School will be okay. You have to accept they WILL have moments of horrible embarrassment, bullying, and sadness at school. That's life. We all did. But how they cope with these issues will forge their way.

Hang in there! They'll do great!

you da mom! said...

oh my god. i'm not even there yet, but i feel your pain. i can't even imagine sending my little guy off. i will cry like a lunatic. but, you know, it's all part of growing up and your babes will love it, i'm sure. and i'm just guessing, but you'll probably be able to find some things to do with yourself and your new free time!

Shana said...

For me, I had a near panic attack when I sent my son off to kindergarden. I was not ready for him to go. On the other hand, school couldn't start soon enough for my daughter. She was getting so bored being stuck at home with me...she was really driving me nuts. I had those same fears you have with both of my kids though. And they both did just fine.
I'm sure your little ones will be good to go too.

MichaƩle said...

We should start a club of the "rocking back and forth" which is what I will be doing September 2 when I send my little boy to his very last first day of school as a senior in high school. Dang. Dang. Dang.

slackermommy said...

I'm totally going to be like that when I send off the baby. My first wasn't so bad because I had 2 at home. I needed the break!

The Doozie said...

I still buy most of the boys clothing, and he wears it. I don't think he has ever in his life tried on a garment in a store

Elisa said...

Yeah, starting kindergarten and school are milestones not just for the kids but also for the mom! I can totally relate. Go meet the teacher, hopefully you'kll like her and feel better.

Ann(ie) said...

I already dread this day. I can only imagine how you're feeling, but I know they'll do great. They should greet the kiddo's with a graham cracker at the door and the mama's with a shot of sompin sompin.

Virtualsprite said...

I'm so glad I have a year before my baby goes to kindergarten... I will be a wreck.

Of course, that's the same year my oldest starts high school, which may be a contributing factor. :-)

You will do fine.

Butrfly Garden said...

Alyssa's first day of K was one of the saddest days with her ever. For me, I mean - she was fine. I asked her if she wanted me to wait for the bus to come to daycare and she told me NO. NO! So I left my camera with the daycare girl to take a picture of her getting on the bus for...*tear* the first time... and cried the entire way to work.

After that, it was all gravy. But that morning was hell for me. Mostly because she didnt' need me. And it didnt' even occur to her that she MIGHT maybe kind of need me. Damn ungrateful kids.

Anyway - this is a big transition - especially since BOTH are going at the same time. But just THINK about all the avenues that open up when they become "Big Kids." Sleepovers at friends houses, playing outside by themselves, them being supervised by educated adults all day and you don't have to pay extra for it (ALL READ: ALONE TIME). Once you get comfy here on the "big kids" side, it's quite nice. Until they're teenagers. But we'll worry about that later.

Angie said...

i sent my first off to kindergarten last year. i won't lie to you...i barely made it out of the school and into my car before i commenced crying like a baby.

but...she survived. and i survived. and you will too. and the savings in daycare is a SUPER perk to the whole deal.

good luck, and remember, big girls DO cry, and there's nothing wrong with that once in a while!

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