Monday, November 12, 2007

In which I turn into a radio dj and just start announcing things

Like any good radio dj I must first start with a few shout outs (could I be any more "90s")

First to my beautiful and talented youngest stepdaughter GPT, who turned 13 on Saturday, Happy Birthday, Sweets. I shall now pull out the chastity belt and the padlocks for your bedroom door (uh and window too). Oh and I suppose I can no longer rightfully call you GPT (Girly Pre-teen) so from this point forward you shall be known as Girly-Teen . Love you GT

And another b'day shout out to my big sis, E, who turns 37 today. Happy Birthday baby. Take care of you today and not everyone else. Smooches and huge love to you.

Ooh and lest we not forget my mom. My amazing, selfless, funny, beautiful kick ass mom turns 61 tomorrow.

Now let us leave birthday central so that I may announce my proudest parenting moment yet. Really I wasn't in the room when it happened but hubby told me quickly after. So yeah, my four year old son called his sister bitch. According to hubby he'd heard it from the Batman movie and quickly parroted it . Let me tell you I'm oozing with pride.

And I'll leave you with that.

WM out