Thursday, March 29, 2007

Parrots...and Gonags.

Hubby loves to engage in horseplay with the kids. He does this one crazy move where he holds them up in the air in a seated position and then on his queue they'll lean back so that they wind up hanging upside down suspended in the air. They think this is just the funniest thing.

I on the other hand think its a little scary because I just know someone is going to get hurt but I do get a kick out of watching all three of them laughing and carrying on together so I keep the complaints to a dull roar.

Last night though was one of those instances where my concern was warranted. In the course of play B. accidentally grazed hubby's "no no buttons" with his foot.

As hubby doubled over he moaned "my gonads" (which was slightly amusing in and of itself because hubby rarely uses the "proper" terms so coming out of his mouth it sounded silly).

Now hubby has hung out with 3 year olds long enough to know that they are parrots and they repeat just about everything they hear. I can't believe he'd forgotten it had taken us more than 2 months to get B. to stop saying sh*tty when he was 2.

Lo and behold, moments later J. says "Daddy, why do your gonags hurt?"

I looked at hubby and tried my hardest not to laugh. Because as any parent knows laughter is basically giving approval to add that word to said childs vocabulary on a regular and frequent basis.

I was strong.

I held the laugther in...until she said it again.

"Daddy" she questioned impatiently. "Why do your gonags hurt ?"

I couldn't stop it. The laughter just came out.

Then hubby started , then B. , then J. and then "gonags, gonags..." she turned it in to a song.

Dammit why couldn't I be stronger.

I can just see it now we'll be in play group or better yet it will be the time I take them by my office . J. will go right up to anyone who will listen and say "did you know my Daddy's gonags got hurt ?"

Lovely !


Butrfly4404 said...

Whew! Got thru them all!

You're a great writer, I'm so glad you started your blog.

I'll be back! (In a non-terminator-ish way!!)

Worker Mommy said...

I love it! I mean I love that you're coming back and I love the Terminator reference. That movie kicked ass back in the day!