Monday, March 19, 2007

Its Official !

Just like their kick ass partying mom (well at least back in the day anyway) my kids are true club kids.

We arrived fashionably late on Saturday at the club not sure what we'd be treated to. Would the twins cling to our sides scared of this new environment ? Or would they rise to the occasion and party like rockstars ?
To my enjoyment it indeed was the latter and my two jr. club kids closed the place down (thats 4 p.m. in toddler world.)

BLD was great fun although truthfully I would have loved a bit more diversity.

But nonetheless BLD was cute and the little ones enjoyed it. They danced and played and took full advantage of the Costco juice boxes that were on tap.

J (my lovely daughter) the budding architect that she is took time out of her busy dancing schedule to construct a creation out of the juice boxes that occupied a portion of the stage area she and her twin brother chose to occupy.
B (my darling son) was full of hugs for every kid that shared the stage with him.

Good clean fun, I tell you, but at the $12 a head I'm not sure we'll visit again soon unless the twins express a burning desire. $12 for toddlers seems a bit much. (secretly I'm just jealous I didn't come up with the idea that would have allowed me to charge $12 and in the process allow me to fufill my dream of being a stay at home mom ...scratch that part time).

On another note, Sunday evening while I did my typical "If-I-stay-up-late-and-pretend-like-its-still-Saturday-night-I-won't-have-to-face-reality-that-it really-is-Sunday-and-I-do-have-to-work-tomorrow" routine I happened upon The Riches FX's new series .

I hereby proclaim it well worth the tiredness I feel as I post at this moment.

Just the right mix of great talent and over the top antics to keep me interested (a la Nip Tuck). I hope it doesn't disappoint... but so far I'm in.

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Butrfly4404 said...

I have yet to read the rest of your blog (I love finding new blogs where it doesn't take all day to read the archives!!!)

But I had to comment here first:

I did, I SWEAR!!! But then I thought "Who would really go to that? People would think it was stupid. I would waste all our money getting it going!" Now, it's a national sensation! WTH???? :) K, had to rant a bit..glad you had fun, though!! :)