Monday, February 13, 2012

And then I got carpal tunnel

I've had my fair share of illnesses throughout the life of this blog. First it was this and then there was this. Oh and we can't forget this and that. But all in all, they've been relatively minor. I guess in the sense that they were all things I recovered from and aren't chronic illnesses. Annoyances ? Yes. Chronic? No

So I figure my body has treated me right for the most part. I ought to pay it back. You know. Work it out. Stop feeding it crap and run it around a bit. Thin it out.

But here's the thing, I have strained or pulled just about every muscle in pursuit of this quest. Last week it was a calf muscle (And I'm working with a trainer! So while I'd like to say it's my clutziness and lack of technique I can't logically conclude that.)

And this week it's left wrist pain with typing (which hello? I do a ridiculous amount of both in and outside of work)

So here I am, the walking wounded.

I'm almost about to give up.

But then I'm reminded, there are others out there worse off than me. And then I just feel like a big old whiner.

So I'm blogging it out. Because after all isn't this my space to gripe whine moan and cry ? But ow. It hurts to type.

So the only logical thing is to drink heavily grin and bear it and thank you all for listening.

Yeah. That's it.



The Laundress said...

Gripe away. I'm right there with ya...

Becca said...

Hope your doing fine..

Sending love and hugs>>