Monday, April 13, 2009

In memory of Maddie - Updated

Please take a moment to read Maddie's parents Mike and Heather's beautiful tributes to their little girl.

Returning from vacation this week, I was all set to post some silly, snarky post.

Then I checked email to find a post in which I learned that little Maddie Spohr, who I came to know and adore via her dad Mike's blog, passed away last week.

Words cannot express how shocked and heartbroken I am.

I at a loss.

Please, consider sending your condolences to her parents Mike and Heather:

Mike & Heather Spohr
11870 Santa Monica Blvd. #106-514
West Los Angeles, CA 90025

and consider donating to March of Dimes or donating via Paypal using the link below to help with their considerable medical and funeral expenses.

Lastly, please be kind to one another and enjoy your families.

I'll be unplugged this week in honor of Maddie and because posting anything else at this point just wouldn't feel right.