Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Vote for me, Vote for me

I don't ask for many favors. But I'm asking now and promising big sloppy kisses...or hugs if you don't roll like that - if you'd take a second out of your day and go vote

"We", that is the fabulously fabulous Sam, web designer extraordinaire, and I gave our blood sweat and tears in the creation of this blog header (ok, ok so she did most of the work).

And to know that you like us, you really like us...we'll that just brings tears to our eyes.

So thanks, to whomever nominated us. I heart you. In the most intense way.

To the rest of you,please, please and purty please, go forth and make this blog (design) number one.

And remember, there are big wet kisses in it for you if you do


CDP said...

OK, you have my vote! Good luck!

Dumblond said...

Oh, I so voted for you.

I took a look at all the other blogs nominated...and it has become quite apparent to me that I am waaay lacking in the blog design department. Gonna have to try and do something about that...

Whiskeymarie said...

I voted, now where's my sticker, dammit?

Virtualsprite said...

You definitely have my vote. I love your blog design. And your writing. :-)

WM said...

Shh...don't tell anybody but you 4 really are my favorite