Monday, November 17, 2008

Ma vie dans les point de balle

So I could have just called this post "My life in bullet points" but it sounds much prettier en francais, don't you think ?

Besides, I like that it makes me seem cooler then I actually am.

Ahem, without further adieu, my life in bullet points for your viewing pleasure:

  • Doing better with the loss of our dog , thank you all so much for your kind words. Plan to adopt a new pet as soon as I can get beyond the fact that there was only one Buzz and that our new pet will not be the same but will be equally as loveable

  • Friday morning, TomGirl got caught smoking on school grounds and was suspended for five days. This was incredibly suprising for me and hubby as she has said time and time again how horrible smoking is and how she'd never do it and constantly nagged her dad to quit (which he has , Yay Chantix) . I listened to her excuses then promptly scooped her lungs out with an ice cream scoop, this was as much for punishment as it was letting her know that smoking will destroy them anyway

  • Youngest daughter, J, is going in to have two baby teeth removed under general anesthesia tomorrow. I believe I will take a shot of something 180 proof before this visit. Kids and general anesthesia scare me.

  • I spent Saturday at the Casino helping my mom celebrate her 62nd birthday. Realized I need to stay away from casinos because for as much as I wanted to make fun of every crazed person in there I realized that I too was mesmerized by the lights and colors of the slots and was quickly becoming one of them. Damn those Milk Money cows and their "let her win a little just when she's ready to quit" ways.

  • Freaked that the Christmas season is almost upon us. Not ready for the throwdown that is about to happen so that I can get my daughter that damn Barbie 3 story dreamhouse. You know it's gonna be bad when at 11:00 a.m. you read an email sent at 9:00 a.m. telling you said Dreamhouse is back in stock. Upon actually accessing the site you find that in two hours it has gone back out of stock. I think I may not shower for 6 days prior to going shopping. That way people will be forced to move out of my way.

  • Work continues to be busy and forces me not to be able to blog as much as I'd like. I suppose I should be happy for the job security but sometimes I'm just an ungrateful heifer.

  • New cool Pillsbury giveaway at ye old review blog . While there is free stuff to be had, Pillsbury is also doing some cool stuff to feed the homeless, so check it out.


    Elisa said...

    Merci for the life recap :-)

    Why general anesthesia? That would freak me out too. Keeping my fingers crossed!

    Shana said...

    I could send you a pic of my husband's teeth to scare TomGirl with. His teeth are nice and yellow from years of smoking!

    I'm glad you are doing okay after the loss of your furry friend. Here's hoping your next one will bring you as much joy.

    WM said...

    Elisa - really I give her the medicine 1 hour prior to her appointment so she can be zonked out for it. She had so much anxiety around the appointment worrying about the pain of have two teeth pulled that the dentist suggest her "sleeping" through the appointment would be much easier. It makes me nervous but I have to say I agree

    Lollie said...

    Is it bad to give the "giggle gas" to a child? That's where I'd be going...

    Whiskeymarie said...

    I'll trample some bitches for you, if that's what it takes to get the dream house. I've got your back. Just say the word.

    I'm doing all my shopping via the in-ter-nets this year. God bless the in-ter-nets.

    Virtualsprite said...

    Yes, titles are much better in French... I really wish I knew how to speak it.

    Sounds like there's a lot going on! Good luck with everything... especially the teeth and the smoking. Ugh.

    Butrfly Garden said...

    oooohhhnoooo on the smoking. My mom thinks my sister was going to go smoke pot. :| I am so not ready for them to get any older. My sibs OR my kids.

    Nick really freaks at the dentist, too. And he got really weird on the "laughing gas" he didn't like the way it made him feel and his anxeity got WORSE. I don't like the whole anesthesia thing either, but sometimes it's just easier and will hopefully make for better dentist appointments in the future. :) I'll be thinking of you guys.

    followthatdog said...

    I am also stunned that Christmas is just around the corner. When the hell did that sneak up on us? As for the general anaesthetic, that is terrifying. I'm sure you'll be ok, and she will too, but a little cocktail before your child has a procedure never hurt anyone...

    Jenny, the Bloggess said...

    Wait, didn't they have barbie dream houses when we were kids? Just go on ebay and get an old one.

    Not one that smells like cat pee though. Because a lot of them do.

    MadWoman said...

    I could email you a detailed description of the suffering both my grandmother and Hotty Hubby's grandfather went through due to smoking and the lung cancer that ensued. Thought I think you're doing rather well with the scooping out of lungs.

    Thanks for the recap, glad to see you're looking up after Buzz passed on.

    Queen of the Mayhem said...

    Wow....sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now!

    Hang in there!

    Ann(ie) said...

    Is Chantix NOT the shit? I never ever ever thought Matt would put down his cigarette. wooooo for your hubby!!

    um, and I know those milk money cows quite well. We may have to make a trip to Muklevegas one day. After Christmas. When we have money again. ;) xo.