Friday, September 7, 2012

Note to self: Do not ever call yourself unstopabble again

In my last post I casually mentioned that after completing a challenging yet exhilarating 5k race/obstacle course that I "kinda feel unstoppable now". 

Well, the universe proved me wrong. Yet again.

 Big fat swollen ankles do in fact. Stop me. Believe it or not, although I've injured about every other part of my body in some form or fashion. I've never actually rolled an ankle.  But now I feel I am well versed in sprained ankle-ese. 

 Look they get even bigger and fatter and scary looking after a few days

 So I've been sidelined. First it was crutches, then a spectacular boot that while not pictured here I'm sure you can imagine the depths of it's stylish awesomeness.

Now it's this beauty (note the pink sneaks. I'm kinda in love with these) and Physical Therapy for Godonlyknowshowlong...

So yes,  lesson learned Universe. I must choose my words wisely. 

... Um,  either that or remember that I am almost 40 years old thereby making me too old to play X games with my son and ride on the pegs of  his bike *ahem*.


kkryno said...


I hope you heal fast, and good luck with the therapy. Keep it up though, it really makes a difference.

:) said...

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