Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Untitled and Random

I need to write something, I keep telling myself over and over again. Yet, when I come to this space I don't write anything.

I don't know why this space, this space that used to be so important has become so neglected. I'm not really any busier than I was when I started blogging (which is to say I'm always busy but not busier). There are plenty of events I want to write about- I just, I don't know...

So I decided I'd update you on random pieces of my life in hopes that it will stir something in me that makes me want to come back here and post as frequently as I did before.

Here goes:

  • Weight loss and fitness quest continues. I'm still doing bootcamp but I haven't met my goals. This frustrates me greatly

  • Work,Work and more work. Oh and to top that off I'm planning a few events for the twins school and the next family reunion for like 8 bazillion people. IKNOW! What was I thinking ?

  • TomGirl, my oldest stepdaughter, turned 18 in March and is dating a 24 year old. This!? Also frustrates me. He's a nice enough guy, but frankly he's too dang old. She's waaaaay to into him and I fear she's going to get her heart stomped

  • GT, my youngest stepdaughter, can't stay out of trouble.

  • The twins started school and are doing fairly well. But me? I hate 3rd grade math

  • The hubby has a new gas powered RC car hobby which is going to cause us to go broke

    Alright,it's not all bad( I'm just very very good at whining)

  • Managed to hit a few parties with some friends I haven't seen in a while and throw the hubby a super spectacular 40th birthday soiree.

  • While I haven't reached my goal weight I am noticing I've lost inches which of
    course means new wardrobe. So there's been shopping. Which? Makes me so happy

    Lastly, for the very random but completely crazy:

    Remember a while back I talked about how obsessed I get about planning my kids birthday parties ? Well, I am not alone. And I'm not as crazed as I thought I was.

    This past weekend my daughter, J and I went to GirlFest which is essentially a day for girls with activities, performances and vendor booths sponsored by Girl Scouts. In any event, we visited a party planning booth which had me over the moon because it was hip and fresh- And someone else to do the work for me? Love it!

    But upon asking the owner for a general price, I found that a (rock star) party for 8 girls was $820. "We can work within your budget and don't have to include everything" the owner said. Yeah, maybe I wouldn't need all those technical consultants for the lighting (Whattheeverlovingeff ?)
    I.There.are.no.words. I just want to know who pays that?

    So there you go.

    Random and untitled.

    Virtualsprite said...

    That sounds about right. Hope things settle down for you soon!

    Gilsner said...

    Wow, with all that I'm surprised you find time to update your blog at all! You rock! Good job on the bootcamp... and the shopping! :)

    moosh in indy. said...

    I feel the same way you do often too, and we've both been around for awhile, maybe it's a seasoned blogger thing. Heh.
    Have you seen the Outrageous Kid Parties on TLC? These people pay upwards of $35 THOUSAND dollars for a kid's party.
    Oy vey.

    Anonymous said...

    35K...? How about one has to spend a minimum of 300K in order to appear on MTV's Sweet 16 show... *blank stare*

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