Monday, May 16, 2011

And this is why I have a "mommy" blog

Ok, ok if we're getting technical, this blog is not even close to being a "mommy" blog. It's not that I mind that title necessarily. I just think it's a misnomer or mis categorization as this blog isn't so much parenting stories as it is the rants and raves of a woman that just happens to be a parent.

That said, I'm owning the title "mommyblogger" today because I couldn't not share this amusing kid tale:

Both my husband and I have been working furiously over the last several weeks to help my son,B master all the acheivements he must complete to earn his wolf badge and advance to the next level of scouts. The activities run the gamut from discussion of cooperation and courage to the more physical such as hiking and sports.

It's been a challenge, in part because B hasn't really wanted to focus on some of the tasks at hand but also because B's mommy and daddy have been known to slack every now and again.


Yesterday, the task at hand was to discuss bicycle safety. B and I went through a series of questions all of which he answered with ease.

What do we always wear when we ride a bike ? "A helmet" .

What do we do before getting on our bike ? "Do a check to make sure nothing is broken and that all parts are working".

And then I asked him " What do we watch out for in the street?"

"Crack and herrion" he said

I looked over at my husband for some help to clarify who these people crack and herrion were that he was referring to. He looked just as confused as I was.

I looked again at my child and asked "What?"

"Crack and herrion" he said

Still perplexed, I started to probe a little bit more when his sister J all of a sudden says

"He means crack and heroin. You know street drugs"

"Oh yeah heroin" my son says

I looked at my husband and laughed until tears came from my eyes, stopping only for a moment to tell my son he was exactly right and that yes he should watch out for crack and heroin on the streets. But what I was referring to was his need to watch out for cars and other people.

"Oh" he said "yeah that"

And through my belly laughs I again reassured him his answer was right on but that I was looking for something else in that context.

Although I'm pretty sure we couldn't finish up after that.

And I would just like to thank the school district for teaching my children about street drugs and to "Just say No"

but mostly for the huge, gigantic belly laugh


Anonymous said...

WOW... another good one. :)))

Say, are you on facebook? If so, would you be so kind as to shoot me a friend request. (LOVE ur blog BTW, read it every time I get an update in my e-mail that there's been an update!)

( Richards)

Virtualsprite said...

I am laughing so hard at this. I can totally see my stepdaughter saying this.