Wednesday, June 9, 2010

At what Point do I say I've crashed and burned ?

Remember this plan ?

I knew that it was nuts when I originally thought of it; but I wanted to believe in myself. I wanted to believe I could change.

Today, however, I've come to the realization that there are some things that can't just shouldn't be changed (my desire to sleep as long as I can is high atop that list).

That said, there's this part of me ,my inner cheerleader, that refuses to accept defeat and continually tells me " Don't give up just yet! Some things require multiple attempts ". She and her crazymaking self are causing me to consider joining one of those brutal morning workout boot camps and paying to have someone abuse me.

But that's probably a disaster waiting to happen. Being told to "PUSH HARDER" and "GIVE IT MY ALL" at 5 in the morning would surely make me want to cutabitch.

So yeah, I think I'll just smother her with my pillow.

And instead continue with my evening workouts. Besides I've got serious motivation! It's kind of a secret. But lets just say I'll have to wear a swimsuit a lot (and if you guessed that I got a modeling gig you'd be correct!)

Ok's so not even close to that. Don't drink and read. Also, crack kills!


P.S. - Since we're kinda talking fitness feel free to check out my review on Crystal Light Pure Fitness water


Virtualsprite said...

I hear ya... you will not find my butt on a treadmill before 7 a.m. I just cannot do 5 a.m. for anything. But I love evenings. Keep at it. It gets easier. Trust me.

SoccerMom said...

I also obsessed with the gym and working out.
I dont care when I go just as long as I get to go.

Have been going that way for 8 years.

It is the best form of stress relief i know (outside of sex)

Whiskeymarie said...

Early afternoon is my favorite time to work out, but the class I'm teaching right now makes that impossible. So, I'm with you on the evening workouts, which I've been very diligent with. Well, during the week anyways. My "issues" with exercise have been with weekends- not only do I NOT work out, but I use it as an excuse to eat my weight in junk.

Are you taking a vacation without me? Is that the big secret?

Whit said...

I hope you're talking vacation and not moving to Hawai'i. Although it would be nice to have a place to stay in the islands.

Naarski (the Mrs.) said...

I really prefer nooner work outs. I am lucky my managers for the past 10 yrs have allowed me the 2.5 hrs I need to get to the gym, work out, shower and come back to work. I find I am more productive and less bitchy. Maybe they see that too-LOL

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