Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A whole lot of Why

Good Morning Folks, and welcome to the first installment of Let's take a look into Stacey's brain. I think you'll find it quite exciting. Or not. Maybe you'll find that she's truly crazy. In any event, climb aboard and fasten your seat belts as it promises to be a worthless an interesting ride.

Now then, we enter her brain deep in thought and found these burning questions (note that if you were to get a glimpse of Stacey from the outside at this particular time "glazed over" would be the appropriate term for her general outward appearance)

Why is it that when I sleep really well, I'm more tired than when I've slept poorly?

Why is it that buying new underwear for the first time in forever has made me ridiculously happy?

Why did I decide to do the Special K challenge (and no this isn't sponsored, just something I'm doing of my own accord)?

Why can't weight loss be easier?

Why am I having dreams about friends with no uteruses being pregnant and ending up in strange places?

Why am I falling out of love with Twitter?

Why if I just went to the hair stylist on Saturday does my hair look like crap today?

Why do I want to dive into a vat of chocolate and eat my way out ?

Why does my dog have so much hair and how easy would it be to teach him to pick that shit up after himself?

Why am I ...zzzzzzzzzz

What's this!? We think. She's fallen asleep. Tune in tomorrow (or whenever Stacey is suffering from too much sleep induced dementia) for another thrilling installment of "Let's take a look in to Stacey's brain"

Y'all come back now y'hear.

Disclaimer: This may just be the craziest (read:stupidest) post I've ever written. But I'd be lying if I said I really wouldn't like answers to these questions. So if you can help a sister out any and all answers are welcome.


kkryno said...

I never have any answers to those "Why" questions. Those are the ones that drive me nuts! And the hair thing; I've noticed that my hair looks great when it doesn't matter. If there are to be photographs or a special event involved I will look like a tumble-weed!

Dumblond said...

If you ever get an answer to that weight loss question, please share with the class.

Virtualsprite said...

Sounds a lot like my week. I have the same hair problem, too, though. Only mine looks like crap exactly 90 minutes after I've left the stylist.

Anonymous said...

Who has time to tweet when you're spending every waking moment picking up dog hair and trying to tame the mop your stylist left you? As far as weight loss and underwear, I really can't help you. I wrote about the exact same things today and came up with no solutions. Let me know if you get some answers.

Whiskeymarie said...

Sorry I'm late here- MY brain seems uninterested in remembering how to use the in-ter-nets lately.
The only solution that I've found for weight loss lately involves no booze, no gluten, very little dairy, and working out almost every day. Fun, right?

Ugh. Let's take a vacation together somewhere- I think we need it.

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