Monday, December 21, 2009

The Gift

Written as part of Mrs.Flingers {W}rite of Passage Challenge #3 :Write about the Christmas gift you remember the most.

1999 had been an incredibly hard year. I'd lost my Dad suddenly and unexpectedly in July and I wasn't sure how I'd handle that first holiday season without him.

My then boyfriend had been an amazing support. It was he who picked me up from work, after I'd gotten the call that my Dad passed away. It was he who laid next to me on the bed and rubbed my back as I cried and cried. It was he that asked me what I needed and let me grieve whatever way I needed to. I knew then that he was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

One December evening, I came home after a particularly exhausting day to see him lying on the couch watching tv with a new blanket.

"Is that new ?" I asked even though I knew it was. When he confirmed, as irritational as it sounds, I became irritated.

He knows what I'm going through, I thought, and he has the nerve to go out and get a blanket just big enough for himself that at that moment looked like the softest,warmest,wrap-you-up-and-take-all-your-cares-away blanket.

I sulked away in a huff.

A week later,on Christmas day one present in particular caught my eye. It was puffy and squarish and looked much like a small blanket might look wrapped. I smiled quietly to myself. It was the first one he wanted me to open. I looked at him with a knowing glance. He looked oddly excited and nervous as I ripped at the paper.
Upon freeing the blanket from the wrapping paper I reached to give him a hug and thank him.

"Open it up" he said

"I did and I love it"

"No, the blanket, open it up"

So I slowly unzipped the plastic packaging and unfolded the blanket. A card fell out. My fingers touched something small and round inside the envelope.

Nervously, I lifted the flap and pulled out the card.

I read about our life together , how much we'd been through, how much I meant to him and how much he loved me.

And taped to the back of the card, was a ring. A beautiful engagement ring and the words "Will you Marry Me?"

Happy Holiday's y'all, I hope they're filled with lots of love and happiness!


mamikaze said...

You two are so stinkin' cute!

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That's so awesome!

Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas to you all.

Dawn @ just me said...

What a beautiful way to do it! So sweet!

Amber Page Writes said...

That's awesome. Also the complete opposite of the post I wrote for this challenge!

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That's a nice story! Very sweet.

Happy Holidays!

Whiskeymarie said...

That's so sweet- who knew you were such a softie?

Naarski (the Mrs.) said...

beautiful story

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