Wednesday, May 9, 2007

What other way is there to look at It ?

On my commute to work each day I pass quite a few businesses and stores and things that catch my eye but none so much as the new cosmetology school near FMCP's house.

The large sign out front says Acme Cosmetology , Bringing Beauty back to the Community.

I have to wonder...who thinks this shit up ? My assumption is that they, like many other companies, hired an advertising firm to help create that tagline.
For several weeks now as I've driven past this sign I've tried to put myself in the mind of the executive and imagine what the train of thought was that lead him or her to that bit of advertising genius.

Here's what I've come up with:

Head Honcho: Ok, team we've got this new cosmetology school that wants us to give them a brand

Overpaid Ad Exec.: Hmmm, we should incorporate the word beauty because everyone wants to be associated with that which is beautiful

Head honcho: Keep going...

Overpaid Ad Exec.: What about Keeping our Community Beautiful ?

Head Honcho: I like it , I like it but isn't that community full of ugly people ?

Overpaid Ad Exec.: Good point, good point (taps his head for a few moments as he thinks ) Ok, got it, how about Bringing beauty back to the community ?

Head Honcho: Yes, thats it, now lets go collect our millions, I mean present it to the client

Well, maybe thats not exactly how it happened.

Perhaps that line was a play on the fact that the cosmetology school replaced a store that had been built in 1956 and was a bit rundown.

Fine, thats a bit better but if the goal was to beautify the community architecturally then why on earth would they make the siding red, gray, tan and brown. Thats not beauty,thats the building designer on crack.

So yeah, any way you look at it they just called the community and its inhabitants ugly.

Sure, I'm not an Advertising Exec. but something tells me that you probably shouldn't diss the community you want to patronize your business.

Uhh yeah, in the words of the ridiculously badly coiffed Donald Trump "You're fired"


Shauna said...

Seems like someone didn't do a very good focus group on that slogan. I'm with you!

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I completely agree. It certainly sounds like the school is implying the community is in NEED of beauty!

That certainly would not prompt to attend! I only respond to over-the-top flattery! :)

Butrfly4404 said...

Hahaha...that IS bad.

Cherann said...

You's a bad sign, but don't you think that the slogan did it's job if it has you talking about it? You've probably been pondering about it for weeks huh?