Thursday, May 3, 2007

Oh, How my Body Betrays me...

Dear Left Foot,

We've known one another going on 35 years now and I've been good to you haven't I ? I've tried to support you as best as I can giving you ample time to rest by not leaning on you too much but allowing you to lazily rest on the makeshift ottoman under my desk during the day.
I keep you safe , clean and dry and during the warmer months I've tried to pamper you with spa treatments when I've known you'd be exposed to the world.

I've given you a fabulous home. Well several in fact.

Why oh why do you betray me so ? I thought we were past this.

I lovingly cared for you during your time of need, exercising you, icing you and even giving you medicine when you could take no more.

I even bought you this

when all I really wanted to do was keep you housed in this

Why you would tease me like this I don't know.

I thought I was rewarding you for finally weathering this storm by slipping you in to these yesterday.

But oh today how you punish me for incorrectly assuming you were ready for such a gift.

Now I want us to remain friends, but I can only take so much. There has got to be some give and take here.
C'mon whaddya say... can't we all just get along ?


P.S. Righty, let this be your warning. Don't even think about starting any shit.


Sugar Kane said...

That's mutiny!

Lene said...

Love that third pair!!

Shauna said...

Gorgeous shoes.
I'm so sorry. My mom has major foot problems and I'm sure I'll inherit them from her. It's just a matter of time... *sigh*

Brillig said...

Beautiful!!! Now if only you can get your feet to behave themselves.... Sigh.

Anonymous said...

HA! I have feet problems too...Dams pointy toes and high heels...Great letter. Can I borrow it to send to both my feet???

I LOVE shoes.

Worker Mommy said...

Sugar Kane & Brillig,
I know...aah if they would only respect authority!

Lene & Janet aka Wondermom - I know I just love shoes and unfortunately I can't wear a lot of the cute ones I have. I might be enduring a lot of pain cuz sometimes its just better to look good than to feel good :)

Shauna -
I sure hope you don't get your mom's foot problems but if you do I've heard writing a letter to your feet helps.

Worker Mommy said...

Oh and Janet aka Wondermom-

By all means please borrow my letter. Your feet need to recognize who's boss!